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    Days manga, chapter 2

    Fantastic Chapter! Made my day for sure (: Thanks a lot. Though, Lexeaus is number 5, and here it says he's number 6.. Just thought i'd point that out. Umm, yeah.
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    Is anyone else Pissed off over Days and no wifii?

    Oh god, it's just wifi. And just a hint, learn to spell, people might take you more seriously.
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    Attention Computer Nerds!

    Seeing as there's no 358/2 Days forum yet, this must go here... Recently downloaded a leak of... Some sort... Which has a patch of... Some sort... Help executing the patch so as the leak will work? Much appreciated.
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    Did you like this game?

    Yeah, but not just because of that, I actually preferred the storyline, and the graphics are better.. /Shrugs/ I don't know, but KH1 for me was like 'ehhh..' and KH2 was more like 'OMG11 I FEEL SO NOOBEH AND *stares at screen* MUST FINISH1' ...so yeah...
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    Did you like this game?

    I actually liked it better then the first =/ I don't know why =( Organization XIII are teh awesome (: But there in COM too..so hmm..
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    Jesse McCartney

    I personally love his voice, but dislike him. So i'd like him to do Roxas (:
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    A Meaning Behind "Unbirth"

    Damn that's one awesome theory.
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    Best Man For Larxene. Axel or Marluxia?

    Well, I personally prefer Marluxia/Larxene, and I ship that way. Besides, Axel belongs to Roxas XD (Oh, shoot the little fangirl) Just because Roxas isn't in COM doesn't mean he doesn't exi- He doesn't exist does he.. well damn.
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    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Theory

    Maybe /2 is half a day? Idk.
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    Isn't Marluxia amazing!?

    Eh, I like him.. But he was way too easy to beat at the end. D: I Was expecting to die at least once. or twice.. or 50 times... (As I always do on boss battles) But I didn't even die once -.- But yeah, I do like his characterization and all that jazz. And his hair is like mine o.o *except...
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    Hi :)

    Uhm, Hello! I'm Frozen_Melody (Yes, yes, I know it's horrible, but what can you do?) What do people write in this things? I'm 13, a girl, and I like Kingdom Hearts. State the obvious why don't I? I'm kinda shy.. or reserved a bit.. I guess.. Well, until I get to know a person. Even through...
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    358/2 thought

    oo nice =D I like it but it's probably just a coincidence, yadda yadda, no one needs my input -.-