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    The Blank Book

    Chapter 1- Destiny A typical highschool boy was playing video games on the computer at the Library. His name was Chester Leroi, he is a freshman of Rey High and was apparently skipping Phys Ed. so that he can enjoy his video games. Someone came up to him from behind and covered his eyes...
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    Fanfiction ► Dark Corridor

    Napster got burned lol. Good story unknown, keep it up
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    Here's the thing. I don't like to play Sora's story I'd rather play Riku's story. so can anyone post a game save of them beating Sora's story. It doesn't matter what kind of game save it is cause I could convert it to anything.
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    Still No new secret ending

    I think he means the crowns
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    where can i get serenity crystals

    I'm killing alot of sorrcers, knights, assasains, and beserkers for serentiy crystals for my power boost. But no one is dropping anything but their other materials.I've been fighting for nearly 2 hours now. In final mix did they change the one who carry serenity cystals.
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    Kingdom Hearts final mix where is knight in critical mode

    Kingdom Hearts final mix in critical mode is REALLY TOUGH. You have no idea what i'm going through now. I have 73 defense 54 attack and 40 magic and at level 53. I have just nearly made it out of a Big fight in the secret caverns and made it to the end. I was hoping to fight the knight but...
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    FFXII help

    for those who know perfect japanese kanji's I need help. I've got a translation from gamefaqs on to tell what the characters are saying. I know how to use magic and skills but I don't know what gambit skills to use. I don't unferstand japanese kanjis. I'm fighting Judge Ghis but I got my a$$...
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    FFXII opinion

    I just got my FFXII game and I also have a translation to tell me what they are saying. I've played some parts of the intro up to seeing a FMV of this prince guy (forgot his name) talking to the people of Dalmasca . Is the story to this game going to get better. cause the gameplay battle looks...
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    any info on KH3 yet

    I havn't been to the forums for nearly five months. So did Normura or SE announce anything for KH3 or a KH2 final mix.
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    Fanfiction ► kingdom hearts 2 real story (choose the story goes)

    sorry but I gave up on this fan fic ever since october. however I'm starting a KH3 story kingdomhearts14 so wait a bit longer.
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    Jump superstars

    I heard of a manga that has all of shounen jump characters in one manga adventure and a boy has fallen into the shounen dimension or something like that. there's -DBZ- Son Goku Son Gohan Vegeta -Shaman King- Yoh Asakura -Naruto- Naruto Sauske Sakura -BOBOBOBO- bobobobobobo (don't know why he's...
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    Who said...........

    who said these quotes and when where and why\"So you are the source of all the heartless\"\"Everything is coming back the true..............\"\"What took you so long Kairi\"\"Why.....Who......What am I\"
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    Luxord in Diz's Robes *possible spoilers*

    it is Ansem its that they look alike a bit with the beard
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    KH2 Reverse Rebirth

    Is there one after you beat the game. If not than can we at least play as Riku during the game
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    Picture Of Riku Finally

    try this one http://www.khforums.com/index.php?act=Attach&type=post&id=1227 sorry for the double but the site\'s messed up
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    Picture Of Riku Finally

    wait one minute the sites crashing
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    Picture Of Riku Finally

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    Heartless blade

    maybe it could be Riku's trump card like Sora's ultima keyblade
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    I'm planning to import....

    all of your answers are found at modchipstore.com or easybuy2000.com
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    Heartless blade

    do you think such a keyblade exists. I heard this name a long time ago forgot where but it would be great if it was real