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    The Keyblade...

    Uum somewhere i read that Roxas managed to get the Oathkeeper and Oblivion wich Sora lost or something. (in castle oblivion i guess?) Godforce; I think that's wrong. Roxas threw the Oblivion to Riku when he was running up the building, and Riku jumped off caught it and then they continued...
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    what are some kh2fm+ differences from kh2?

    Yeah, what everyone said. The 2 new keyblades are the ones you get after you beat Roxas (Acrossing Two) and if you do the Mushroom XIII thing (proof of victory) right?
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    Who is the person in Olympus?

    Yeh, you can hear something in his voice that sounds like Demyx.
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    Who do you guys think is the worst member of organization 14?

    How could you say Demyx and Axel are useless? They are both awesome, because Axel wields chakrams and FIRE and Demyx is.. funny! xD I don't really think anyone from the organization was TOTALLY useless.
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    Roxas/Sora battle

    Yeah, they should be equal in battle. Roxas did actually win from sora though, IMO he actually won the fight when he pointed the Oblivion in his face. If you would fade out black after Roxas did that, it would seem as if he had won. He could have finished him off there, actually, but he didn't...
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    Xigbar's other was Braig, not blieg =P And yeah, what Eagl said.
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    SORA619: talk normal please.. I didn't understand a word of what you said O.o I think he means Terra, Ven And Aqua
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    Keyblade Mix-up

    Yeah, I agree with Infinite Twilight, and Mystlord too
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Wow i just noticed, the vids may show up at the event on 22 - 23 dec, and my birthday's 1 day after that =D Me FTW =)
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    Ok, for Xugoh; Sora probably believed Yen Sid because he's the one (or at least he was told so by Donald and Goofy) who trained King Mickey soo that would make SORA believe everything he said (i guess). And Sora did think about the Roxas stuff for a couple of seconds but he came to the...
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    What do you guys think about the 1000 heartless battle

    congrats on your first post =D
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    What do you guys think about the 1000 heartless battle

    I think it was a great fight. It was awesome fighting with Cloud, Leon, Yuffie and Tifa before that and the battle itself was cool because you got to do something that regularly would be in a cutscene or something. Yeah, abusing the Reaction Command is lame, but just don´t use it.
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    Yeah ok you've got a point there. And you're saying Sora could've solved it a different way.. can you think of any? (just asking..? I agree though)
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    Captain Hook!

    lol =D I couldn't beat him too in my first few tries. ;P
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    lol.. Why do you think he would have spared Demyx? (don't get me wrong, Demyx rocks, he shouldn't have died so soon.. stupid sora.. xD) and yeah, Sora did have to question if he could have solved it in a different way. Maybe Sora's thoughts after the Axel part were: well, i already killed a...
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    Ok.. I agree with most of the reactions.. eccept for Kawaiikousuke.. nah just kiddin. Ok, what do you think; if Riku (original Keyblade master) was in Sora's place, would he have done the same thing as Sora or would he have done the stuf Kawaiikousuke would liked him to do? =P I mean, Riku is...
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion yeah, I agree with Aqua, i really would like to see vids xD
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Maybe Roxas will Dual Wield with a power-up, similar to the drive forms of Sora in KH2