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    I know this isn't a "kingdom hearts" section, but I had some feels when I logged into this account just just now after 11+ years. I just bought 1.5 and 2.5 remastered and fell in love with the trilogy again. I remember going onto this forum after KH2 released in NA and everyone just sharing...
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    "you Beat Sephiroth" Thread

    Level 86 Keyblade: oblivion Tries:5
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    dissapointed with summons

    I used genie alot because he can drive into all the forms.
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    I think goofy was smarter even though he allways thinked when A question was asked.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Finishers

    Took me 4 days
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    final form?!

    I never been able to get it and I drived alot in TWTNW Its so hard to get..
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    picture of sora and pooh bear

    I can get the new cover because I sealed the old one and got a new one.
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    Favorite Form Poll

    Final form would be but it still never showed up.
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    Anti Form

    I have went into anti form when I battled xaldin I beat him in that form.
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    Is there a kh2...

    I have all the items and the only ultima weapon I was given is save the queen.
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    What Level are you on?

    I am level 42 finally it was hard.
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    N00000!! Demyx!!!

    It really helps when your down to 10 seconds and have to kill all the water people It also kills a little bit of his heath.
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    N00000!! Demyx!!!

    All I did was, do that wild dance command to swing around that water thing when your timed and When he is open I did master of valor on him when my drive was up. and attack while normal of course.
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    Where do you find space paronoids

    Where do you find tron is it in hollow bastion Cause Thats where I need to go next
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    Post here what you think of the game so far

    I love it so far I wish the drives came faster though only got wisdom and valor.
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    What Level are you on?

    I am level 23 had to leave Antlantica for magentic spell.
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    How Far?

    easy at halloween town
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    What Level are you on?

    Lucky I am on level 14 about to be 15.
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    Need help finding coggsworth

    I can't find him cause I accideently pressed skip scene does anyone know were he his. I went to land of dragons I am gonna go back and find him though.
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    Anyone else thinking Passion sounds way better then Sanctuary?

    I thought sanctuary was very better I loved the way they put the song with the fmv,