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    Did any one notice in kh2

    Did anyone notice that in kh2 adds they had a clip of Sora in hollow bastion, surrounded by neo-shadows with donald and goofy. He suddenly charges towards a nobody while donald and goofy fight of the heartless. it then shows sora fighting off the heartless and closes in on a organization mamber...
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    Official Australian and European KH2 discussion

    hi....i don't know about ne of u but i personally don't care in fm comes out....and ive spoilt it 4 myself on kh2 i basically no evry plot and story line and a couple of quotes....god damn...if kh3 is gonna be announced, i anint spolin it 4 my self that time. But i got so bored...*sob sob*
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    Does Passion tie in with KH2?

    wasn't it 'The theme passion fit's in to the story line, a little too well" ...
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    Kairi and Sora in KH2

    the very last game of kh we'll all no, if they did it in the middle of the series it'll kinda spoilo the game
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    kh2 cutscenes

    in ffx there's like 50 inc the little ones...why can't they put that much effort into kh2
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    Your Favorite KH / KH2 Quotes

    "right, Tarzan go, Sora go, go"-Sora to Tarzan...i just like that cause it sounds so pathetic
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    Drive Form

    i like anti-form
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    Fav Feature of Kh-2

    i like the story line, mysterius(don no how to spell it)
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    matching words...

    Hey you know how in kingdom hearts 2, they speak in japanese, and their mouths match the words an all that...do you think they'll change the mouth movement to match the english words?... I was just wondering cause they didn't change it in FFX-2 and it was kinda frustrating and confusing for...
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    Does anyone know how Sora and Kairi meet?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=0gNsBsA3JC0 there ya go...
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    Does anyone know how Sora and Kairi meet?

    they give each other a big hug...i have proof
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    no ones really gonna read this....

    im guessing all my money i have right now that somone has found this...its kinda hard to miss but i found somthing....kairi gives sora a hug...yes i no...(my brother)is immature "oh my god their hugging eugh!!!...pfft. anyway.i don't respond or get affeted by flames... it's towards the...
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    Full Ending! With Credits! No Sound

    i got one w/ sound and subtitles... http://www.youtube.com/w/Kingdom-Hearts-2-Full-Ending%28subbed%29?v=AbOjiupuRtI&search=kingdom%20hearts%202%20english
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    *spoiler*so was sora...

    yeah....he looks really funny in his old clothes....there small... but yeah around 3/4 a year for kh + kh CoM (wich is about a 2 months) so that would be around a year...= he'll be nearly 15 by then...plus a year in the pod...by then he'll be around 15 & 1/2 im not too good a math so some one...
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    -=The Organization Hit List=- **Spoilers**

    wow sora's a big time murderer
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    unknown revealed to Sora

    does any one know why sora said: "let me into the world of darkness too" ?
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    Good Quality Video of Master Form Gameplay

    woh...i like that...clip...
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    Websites with game translations

    where's the translations?
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    Riku's eyes green . . . or blue . . .?

    i'm not really concerntrating on the eye's i looking at how well the grafix improved...god! Oh and its only been like 1yr