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    Vens Connection

    They did see him in the picture with the twilight town kids that Riku gave them with that ice cream bar
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    Well I looked at the scans from yesterday and i saw ven with donald and goofy. Now when i saw that I thought of the picture donald found in the dark void Riku secretly gave them that had Roxas in it. I was like "wat the hell they dont notice a simularity" :31: just posting my thoughts
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    Terra and the Lingering Sentiment

    Then why was goofy and donald in the fight?
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    Praying to be the FINAL MX+Terra Theory

    Now this is how I think Xeghanort comes into being. Fist off...agree with MX's Heart in Terra's body. This is on the separation problem to me Ansem SoD Now this is how I feel with this. Ansem SoD into Darkness just like MX. With this I...
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    why ienzo is small in the scan of bbs

    Yeah that's one of the things that made Roxas and Namine special and different from Xemnas who is also a special Nobody.
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    why ienzo is small in the scan of bbs

    They got taller because Sora got taller. everyone else's sombody was gone but not Roxas's and Namine's!
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    New Picture Of Braig.

    Maybe Briag was like secret forces. He looks like he's protecting the heart of Radiant Garden. Those steps look familiar.
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    MX and Ansem SoD

    Uh so its some what of a process from Unversed, to Heartless and Nobodies? But since Unversed and Deartless have more to do with Darkness they are more connected.
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    MX and Ansem SoD

    Now I was Just thinking and I thought why does Ansem SoD have a Gaurdian heartless but Xemnas has no gaurdian Nobody? Thats noticed that Vanitas was simular to the Heartless garudian. It seemed like that when Vanitas came from MX. SO I thought Maybe Ansem SoD has a deeper connection to MX...
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    Days Glitch?

    Those are acutally part of a mission with Pence
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    KH2 Final Mix

    Think a giant letter would persuade him? I mean he gave us RE:CoM! If he can give us half a game he can give us the rest.. plus KH1FM
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    KH2 Final Mix

    Does Nomura hate us or somthin?:angry: hes missing out on money here i know i would buy both FM's:cry:
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    How AVT enter soilder mode

    So could this still be possible? Or was this a temporary thing? Is it possible for Sora,Micky or Riku to do it?
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    A Test or Thef?

    When Xemnas(Unknown) was introduced in KHFM did he go through Sora to steal his Memories for Xion OR was is he testing Sora to see if Roxas was worthy for the Organization?
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    Ven's image

    Why hasn't Xigbar gottin ticked off looking at Roxas who looks like a mirror image to Ven Can someone try to explain plz? Oh yea Im new to.:36: