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    3 yay battle kratos vs dante vs the prince of persia

    who do u think would win between those 3? i think kratos would win personally. who do u think would win?
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    Your favorite Heartless

    mine r neoshadows and shadows
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    psychonauts cheats

    hey ppl i need the cheats for psychonauts on ps2. the i need in particular is the max life one. and i know there is one cause ive used it before i just cnat find the website for it plz help me
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    King Mickey is good against Sephiroth!

    not if u save in space parinoids then reset the game with the codes in would that work? and also can u get king mickey in his orginization outtfit?
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    Lexeaus Thuder Battle?

    do u mean larexene dont know if i spelt it right
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    lol new formation arts

    ccan i ask something y do ppl get all angry and crap when ppl double post
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    guide book

    i noticed something wrong with the guide book. when u look at aladins and jack skelingtons stats it says they both use scimatars. wtf is up with that? wtf someone plz tell me if u find anymore uh stupid things with the guide book
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    ultima weapons

    in the secret movie at the end of kh2 u know how there is another fenrir in it like 4 of them? well there r 2 different ultima weapons which one do u think they would have in the secret ending? plz dont flame me if this iis already posted
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    addiction to CoM

    its called battling and leveling up duh
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    KH2 Glitches!

    srry dude but i tried that and it didnt work the skate board drive thingy no it didnt
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    spoiler avoiding advice

    some1 put up a link to wikipedia plz
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    The Keyblades In Kh2

    holy pumpkin
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    New Trailer Spoof

    wtf y u callin jack skellington gay man i mean come on
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    It's been a long 4 years

    dude me too
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    FF Summons...Missing? You Decide

    how do u know chicken little is a summon do you have proof
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    Your own Keyblade

    name: the k-t keyblade appearance: from the handle up to the blade is a t and the teeth is a k color: blue and brown chain: a t and a k sorry thats all i've got for now