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    extremely early alpha minecraft kingdom hearts map V1

    hello all! I have just whipped up a KH map in an hour! I want to see if you like the idea! this is just a little idea of the map's story line. if it is liked I will make more Kingdom hearts reconnected
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    minecraft kingdom hearts map beta v1

    I made a minecraft kingdom hearts map! if anyone would like to test my early beta use this link Kingdom hearts reconnected
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    Why does Riku fight Sora in The Land of Dragons?

    the thing that needs needs be answered is why riku's keyblade has that eye on it that xanort and venitas's keyblades have. could riku be a dark vessal
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    hi kh fans

    hi I just started this yesterday and just wanted to say hi to everyone here :biggrin:
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    Data and sephiroth

    reflect for larxene and I would somman stitch for both battles so you can keep using magic or if you don't want to use you drive gage up get lots of elexers
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    Ultima recipe help

    ask me if you need help making it
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    Rage quit lol

    just valor and go crazy if your still stuck
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    Data Vexen

    get a lot of elexers so you can firega th whole battle