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    MX is actually VAT's Masters brother?

    This really doesn't seem likely, but isn't theorizing backing your stuff up with clues and some evidence and such? Well that's what everyone's saying.
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    bbs animals forms

    Was An Antz Life, the one where you have the cricket's (I think) attacking the ants, made by Disney or was it Pixar? That could be an idea, but ant versions of TAV would be weird. So I guess they stay human or something?
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    Help/Support ► Officially FUCKED UP

    I was thinking the exact same thing, haha
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    KH2 Final Mix Ending Problem

    Both swords at the beginning of the game?
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    The worst thing that could happen plot wise in BBS

    Ven = Roxas through some weird crazy ass unkown thing we never heard of
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    KH2 Final Mix Ending Problem

    Wait... when you beat the game you're supposed to get some battle report? (talking about KHII, not KHII FM+), when I beat the game, I just saw all the ending credits then it ended with the picture of the KH characters and said The End or something, I never got any batttle report o_0
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    Oh D: Well how many months/weeks are you pregnant? And keep away from any stairs, haha
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    Congratlations on the child, albeit a bit reckless to get it, on a drunken night havinng sex '~' Name it Jude! That's always been a name I've wanted to give my kid, well, when I grow up, I'm 15 also. What was your boyfriend's reaction when you first told him?
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    bbs leveling up

    Her nobody could be Zexion for all we know, so it would probabley apply to her also
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    bbs leveling up

    Does.. does this apply for Aqua .___.
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    Triangle Button

    Seeing as how some of the game was made easier by the use of the triangle button, would you have taken it away? Although you get really cool mini-clips from the action it does, would you make the game a bit harder without it?
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    bbs leveling up

    With the armor growing experience, maybe you get a certain amount of EXP and then waste it on various sets of armor, like a helmet that would increase your magic, but reduce APpoints by one, something along those line Just throwing ideas, since if it just lets you buy armor, then you would have...
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    Keyblade heart connection???

    Yeah, LS said "You're not the one" or something along those lines
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    Keyblade heart connection???

    Oh, thanks for clearing it up
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    Keyblade heart connection???

    Really? Is this confirmed or did you come up with it? Not trying to sound like an ass, just asking Ven didnt choose someone, and I dont know if they had to..?
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    You know what I think!?

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    Best KH Worlds

    What I didnt like about Radiant Garden was when, during a cutscene, you see Pete walk into the huge semi-destructed tower with the crumbled buildings around it, I thought you would be able to explore that area, and possibly go to the KHI Areas
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    ??Terra<->Riku Ven<->Sora??

    Really? I never heard that, then again, i havent been on the site in a long while
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    Best KH Worlds

    They probabley drove the truck there so that Sora could be lead into the castle, and not lead off into some other part of TWTNW. Stil would have been cool to understand mroe fo the world, the Dark City, and if anyone inhibited it, and what happened to them. Maybe a birthplace to the first Nobodies?
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    Best KH Worlds

    When i first played it, i got so confused with the invisible walls and stuff. Then when i got KH2 thought that The End Of The World would be seen in it, since I thought the invisible walls were buildings that faded away, and you had to go through the roads. Pretty cool world, but I could never...