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    Cloud in KH2

    lol cloud and sephy brothers! NO! there rivals! lol sorry but I find that funny...
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    kh2. Why isnt it popular

    Kh2 is extremely popular....It went platuiman (spl?) in japan in only 3 days! I know thats because it is japan but as soon as it is released here you will see how popular it is....And just because it isn't in the 2006 MOST POPULAR GAMES doesn't mean it won't be as soon as it GETS OUT! lol
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    Kingdom Hearts II N.A. Cover Art!!

    ok we got a cover.....now all we need is a release date! lol
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    C.O.M orgainzation in kh2

    Dude! Zexion is the best! he's my favorite....and he's hot! I hope he comes back! Plus He didn't die he..."Fell into the Ruins" Whatever that means....
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    I heard that zexion is reborn in KH2....THAT JUST WHAT I HEARD! doesn't make it true...its not a spoiler...
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    I though zexion had a weapon!? Yes he uses magic and his element of shadow but did he have a like a weapon that looked like a (+) plus sign?! or is it just me?!
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    Namine's voice

    ummm...not going to lie...not liking the idea of hilary duff being the voice of namine.....Hilary duff = BAD!!!!
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    Anti form

    Thank violent_anger! I found it! And yes overdrive, it looks really cool!
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    Anti form

    Hi! Ok quick question! I was wondering if anyone has any good picture of Anti Form?! Cause I've searched for pictures and can't find any good ones...I know anti form sora turns into a heartless looking guy with long claws etc. And I've seen the videos on Youtube but nothing good! If anyone has...
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    KH2 Screensaver

    Actually I've been looking for a screensaver! thank! :D
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    Need something cleared up...

    I'm sad cause all the people I like died in Com......*weep*
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    Favorite Organization Member

    I voted Zexion!
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Who's your favorite? and why? P.s. It would only let me have 10 poll options so Vexen isn't in it, sorry for whoever likes him! P.s.s. I know Roxas is a organization member but i mean any other then him lol
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    NEW drive form

    Actually I think its a good find! alot of people i know have been looking for a pic or something that shows sora's anti form! Good find! :D
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    A Mystery Drive Form...(Sort of a spoiler....not really)

    So.....wait.....So there could be another drive form...a green one...I know it isn't a trustworthy site but hey! it be cool thought....I like green! SO TRUE keybladeboi! I've look for Anti pics....can't find ANY! ugh!
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    A Mystery Drive Form...(Sort of a spoiler....not really)

    http://www.kingdomfantasy.com/drive.php Thats the link....ok I think its french....or spanish......oh man....
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    A Mystery Drive Form...(Sort of a spoiler....not really)

    I thought that too....but then if someone did write about it would be a spoiler...and me moved or closed or in the spoiler section! I'd look but I'm a anti-spoiler....lol :D trustworthy? how do i know...it was in french?!
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    Organization 13 Elements

    Well Zexion controls shadow....is that a element? lol......seriously is it?
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    A Mystery Drive Form...(Sort of a spoiler....not really)

    I'm not sure if this is true or not but I saw a french page and it taked about drive forms... I can't speak nor read french but what I got from it was there is a drive form were you combined with mickey and yea... I think it is called mystic or something like that...
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    Need Names of...

    I Wish! lol