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    Opinion on Days changed drastically.

    No, I mean, you can, it's just hard for me :p
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    Opinion on Days changed drastically.

    Yesssss. WHen I finally figured out that I cannot ever unlock Sora, I started to hate the game. Which is weird, I don't hate KH games.
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    Fanfiction ► KH: Lost Memories

    'Sup, everybody? I'm not that much of a writer, but I would like to try. :p This is my first good story, in my opinion, that I have written in a year. Soo yeah! : l o s t m e m o r i e s : Chapter One All I could hear was the pounding in my ears. All I could feel was...
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    Help/Support ► Feelings for a Friend (advise?)

    Just tell her outright. That's my advice.
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    Fanfiction ► K I NG D OM HE A R T S ~ MI D D LE SC H OO L (Chapter Five/ In progress)

    Re: K I NG D OM HE A R T S ~ MI D D LE SC H OO L (CHAPTER ONE WILL BE FINISHED.) Nice, YoYo! I really wanna see Lea and Luxord's part... XD
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    *:D The Lulu Fanclub :D*

    She is a black mage.... She can cast powerful spells... She's HAWT. Her name is... LULU!!!!! Ladies and gentleman welcome to the *Lulu FC!* Where she is praised :D ~Reasons~ She is awesome A much beter mage than Yuna H-A-W-T Have I mentioned that she was awesome and hawt? Can...
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    *)* The Tidus Hate Club! *(*/ That ugly Blitzball player

    Hello. Welcome to the THE TIDUS HATECLUB!!!!!!!! Where Tidus will be beat to death by Auron's awesome sowrd. REASONS TO HATE TIDUS He's super annoying Has and ugly laugh(ugh) Has an annoying voice actor Seems to care more about damn Zanarkand then anything else Never takes the blame,only...
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    I hate this sound....

    Just listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H47ow4_Cmk0 I hate this firetrucking sound!!!!!!!!!!>:O Tidus should just SHUT.UP.
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    Help/Support ► First Kiss and other things of the matter

    Well,if she still has feelings for ex,don't do anything. Wait until she gets over it.
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    Fanfiction ► Short Stories about Orgie XIII

    La,la,waiting for da Lexy storeee.... :D
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    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: E3 English BbS Trailer YAHOOOO~! I so need a PSp!>:D Vanitas' voice actor is friggin awesome. And terra,Aqua,ven,and Master Eraqus. Not MX.
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    Fanfiction ► Short Stories about Orgie XIII

    OMFG. YOU SUCK!!!!>:D [I joking,you awesome] It's just not as funny as the others...
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    Re-arrange your name

    It could include your first and last name*. *That is your choice. Do I really have to explain this easy game? Here's mine.. Jason Jaman/Manja Sonjan <3
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    Help/Support ► School's out,but...

    Wonderful. ^.^ And how would you know if I went to jail? ^ ^
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    Help/Support ► School's out,but...

    Slip n slide...I'll try and do that,if I can find the supplies.
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    Help/Support ► School's out,but...

    I won't waste all of it,but that's a good idea >:D the first one,I'll definetly be sure do that. <3 The second one... HELL NO. But thanks for the idea ^ ^
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    Help/Support ► School's out,but...

    ...I'M-SO-FRIGGIN-BOREEEEEED!!!!!>:( I have nothing to do! I went to the beach,pool,park,arcade...-_- BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!!! I need some EXCITEMENT. Something that I would like to do. Any suggestions?
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    why do so many people dislike 358/2 days

    That it wasn't really a challenge,it was easy. (I like it...)
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    Help/Support ► Don't know what to do.

    he HATES her. I've made that clear. -_- I won't ditch him. I wouldn't ditch him just becuase I have a girlfriend.