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    The size of the worlds in BBS

    Bigger is better. So, it's time to stop wondering and start being thankful that the worlds are much larger.
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    It is sort of sad that Deep Jungle will never return

    S' okay for me because I wasn't really into that world.
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    is it me

    I'm guessing it's just you...or the way the creators made his eyes look.
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    [SPOILER] The Keyblade which began a war... [FULL IMAGE]

    Re: Double the keyblade! [FULL IMAGE] At least someone here is open-minded...
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    [SPOILER] The Keyblade which began a war... [FULL IMAGE]

    Re: Double the keyblade! [FULL IMAGE] I like the idea, especially about the XBlade being split in half.
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    [SPOILER] The Keyblade which began a war... [FULL IMAGE]

    Re: Double the keyblade! [FULL IMAGE] I wonder if this has anything to do with the next game, you know... Sora finds XBlade to defeat the darkness and such... But it looks like it has two Kingdom Keys and Sora has one of them...wonder where's the other one? Remember the Kingdom Hearts 2...
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    Vanitas is officially my new favorite character.
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    Curious about the conversation at DI. It looked kind of like Sora is going on another journey because of how he couldn't meet Kairi's eyes. Then, she gives him her charm like she did in the Secret Waterway during KH when he was about to find Riku at Hallow Bastion. Makes you wonder if the...
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    Birth By Sleep Game Script/Menu Translations (Request)

    Anyone know what the Start Menu for BBS looks like?
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    It only does kind of makes sense that Vanitas looks like Sora is because Roxas looks like Ven. Since Sora's darkness/nobody is Roxas who looks like Ven, Ven's darkness aka Vanitas should look like Sora.
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    [bbs] release date?

    Uh...that's ON my birthday... Way to be ecstatic eh? *sarcasm* But I'm not counting on it though. I'd have to be convinced that it's the real release date, like I dunno, on the front page?
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    Subbed Version of new Jump Festa Trailer

    It looks as though Ven is running away and trying to escape from the light while Terra runs from the darkness. Plot wise? I dunno.
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    ven scene in U.S?

    Hm. I haven't even reached day 353...days seem to be boring somehow...I haven't played it in two weeks.
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    Who's Your Favorite Character in Mission Mode?

    Roxas. Obviously. If only Sora wasn't in his KH1 outfit and instead in his KH2 then I'd choose him...but he isn't.
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    Aqua possibly evil?

    Aqua? Evil? Nooo. But if she was it would totally be a huge twist even though I doubt that would ever happen.
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    SoraRikuKairi and VenTerraAqua

    There's obviously no family relation or sibling relationship in Kingdom Hearts. I think Sora is connected to both Ven and Terra somehow while Kairi is connected to Aqua. Don't ask me why...I'm still working on it.
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    Keyblade Design changes (and possible explaination)

    Yeah...well, I think it has something to do with the growth system...
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    Wild Theorizing over Xehanort

    It actually sounds pretty good, especially the one about Master Erauqs and Master Xehanort hold a Master Qualification Exam to find a new master. What I don't like about this theory is the "taking someone else's body to avoid growing old" (but who wouldn't want to do it if they could?) thing...
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    Favorite Confirmed World in BBS

    Enchanted Dominion, Deep Space, Castle of Dreams, and Land of Departure.
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    How much do you think BBS is gona cost in the US

    Probably around $40, but where I live, they'll probably sell it for $60 and up. Sucks, but I'll buy it anyway, because hey, it's worth it.