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  1. taa

    Re:CoM experience question

    Re:CoM experience question I'm replaying CoM on 1.5, and I have a (maybe dumb) question. During battle, after defeating an enemy, experience will fall around the arena. If you don't guide Sora over to pick it up within a short time, it will disappear. My question is, if you don't gather the...
  2. taa

    Vanitas Identity

    I'm not sure if there's a post on this already :/ really sorry if there is! but i was thinking about who Vanitas is, right, and i think he's a young version of Xehanort from KH2 (Xemnas's/Heartless Ansem's Somebody) because he has golden eyes (English/Japanese BBS full trailer 2010) and he's...
  3. taa

    Looky what I found

    hey everyone! my friend sent me this in an e-mail, and I know I'm not the only one who has this problem. "You all know how it feels when you're talking to someone online, and your mom is standing right behind you, reading every word that appears on the screen. Then, of course, the person...
  4. taa

    Help Please! I need help beating....

    it helps if you fight some heartless before hand and load up on cards. then, you can use a moogle card, sell your low lever cards, buy some high lvl cards, switch them out, try it out on some heartless, see which order you best think fits, then go and kick some frozen gay guys butt :thumbsup:
  5. taa

    Most hated Organization Member

    marluxia- he's always looking and talking like he's about to rape namine. saix- whats with the crappy life is dead attitude? if he likes to be so depressing all the time he desevered to get pwned by sora xalding- #1 nuckle-headed-girly-girl-freak-of-nature! he's annoying, his voice is annoying...
  6. taa

    Fanfiction ► Not The Same

    o.O i love your poem!:thumbsup:
  7. taa

    Playing KH CoM on the DS

    same as kubota. /filler/
  8. taa

    Help/Support ► Strict parents!!

    ok, i WISH my parents were'nt that strict! my p rules: no going to any of my friends house, EVER no tv unless its spongebob or any of that baby shit i'm not aloud on the computer unless its for school (yes, i'm here without anyone knowing) i'm not aloud to go to school because ppl are "bad" so...
  9. taa

    Vexen Good, bad or neutral?

    if any of you guys read the books (manga) you would find out that vexen was just saving his own ass from sora, and he was pissed at marluxia
  10. taa

    OTHER Keyblade Masters!?

    totally, in the words of xigbar: you clever little sneak!
  11. taa

    OTHER Keyblade Masters!?

    :thumbup: your SO right lol
  12. taa

    OTHER Keyblade Masters!?

    :thumbsup: totally:thumbsup:
  13. taa

    just a question

    yeah i thought it was sora too untill i watched it a little more. look closely and you'll find dif things about him :closedeyes:
  14. taa

    OTHER Keyblade Masters!?

    you could read the ansem reports for ex. you learn a lot about the past from those :thumbup: :thumbsup:
  15. taa

    kh2 poll

    axel and riku all the way!:thumbsup:
  16. taa

    the knights

    its called guessing, trying to come up with something creative, dont give flames for asking a Q
  17. taa

    the knights

    i think their just three ppl caught up in the war...
  18. taa

    Crossroads: Questions

    ok now im 100% with you on this she has never had darkness get her heart so her keyblade is different then everybody else's
  19. taa

    Crossroads: Questions

    ...? i dunno sounds deffinitly possible
  20. taa

    Crossroads: Questions

    o.O oooooh never thought of that, cool:thumbsup: