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    how will they get around?!!!

    I think they'll be using something different. Gummi ships don't seem very practical, or that it would fit in with the time period. Cooridores of darkness for non bad guys, LOL
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    358/2 Days

    Glad we get to play as Roxas. Get some more background on him and Axels friendship.
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    KH1 room mod!

    This rocks. I wanna do it so bad!
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    link mode

    Wow, didn't know there was a link mode.
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    kh2 good or bad

    No other game yet will be able to beat this one~
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    new rating

    I would have to say that Auron, or Port Royal would have the spirits in it.
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    Shouldn't the English Passion be out now...

    I would love to listen to the English version, even if I have to wait until the game comes out!
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    Kh2 or Kh2 final mix?

    I too would buy both. But, the Ultiminia (spelling..) is just the guide. They hope to stuff all the japanese parts into the american release.
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    Sanctuary official release

    I would like to hear Sanctuary for myself. See if its better or worse then Passion.(even though its the same song)
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Nice to know we finnaly have a solid release date. They had better not set it back, but it makes me think: is there going to be enough time before the realse to get all the voices recorded?
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    My guess: KH2 will be hard...

    Of course its going to be more difficult. New enimes, moves, worlds. The newness is almost endless. The game would stink if it was easier.
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    KH2 Script

    You could always make up your own. Or translate the japanese speaking and text parts. That would be a script
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    Proud, Beginner or Standard mode?

    I would beat them in all three modes. Probably go from begginer, work my way up. or proud, work my way down
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    Kh2 SOUNDTRACK!!!! yay

    The link no longer works. I get a 404 error
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    Kh2 SOUNDTRACK!!!! yay

    Wow, I am so going to download this! Thanks for the post
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    Sora Vs Riku

    Right now I would have to say that Riku is the coolest. But Sora has the most potential.
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    Passion Discussion Thread

    What! Why would they rename it??
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    Zero Cards

    Yes, they always card break Riku when I am fighting him. They come in very handy.
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    FFVII reference, a pointless thread

    It has nothing to do with KH. Only applied to the FFVII saga.
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    KH2 realese date? + scans

    The KH site, says sometime in march. Thats officail, the shot does say march.