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    Quick! Favorite world in each game! GO!

    Again, huh? Aight les do dis. KH1 - Traverse Town COM - ......Castle Oblivion. Days - Neverland KH2 - Timeless River BBS - (Despite my hatred for the minigames) Disney Town Re:Coded .......idfk. DDD - Symphony of Sorcery 0.2 - Castle Town KH3 - The Caribbean MoM - Uhhhhhhh...I also don't know...
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    Maleficent and Pete Never Should've Been a Partnership

    Unless they're characters EXCLUSIVELY are from Square (The FF characters) No. The worlds, the ocs, they're all owned by Disney. Same with Roger Rabbit, any character existing Toon that isn't Warner Bros, Tex Avery, etc, they're all Disney characters. Which makes Roger, Jessica, all the orignal...
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    Maleficent and Pete Never Should've Been a Partnership

    ......Yeah, that seems very far-fetched because DISNEY owns the game. And I don't think Nomura or Square...or really anyone would want to go to court against DISNEY for characters owned by DISNEY.
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    The decline of Kingdom Hearts

    The only thing I personally felt...rushed, is probably how everything had to be shafted to the end. And...with how the story's designed, it felt impossible to make Aqua & Ven's rescue a midpoint. It felt like a midgame wasn't even possible. But maybe it's just my gripe with how the KBG played...
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    Sephiroth with Importance?

    I have doubts on...ANY of the Final Fantasy characters having importance in the grand scheme of things. It's even hard for me to cheer on for Disney relevancy...but I'm curious on this. In another timeline, with there being a middle ground of Final Fantasy, Disney, and Ocs actually feeling like...
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    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    I ain't even disputing the KH2 Org, because I KNOW that they did even FUCKING LESS than the Disney villains. If anything, both councils BARELY did anything is my thing. Which is a shame, because yeah, I kinda much prefer the Disney villains more than the org. The chemistry was there, I kinda...
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    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    But the thing is none of them caught any of the Princesses or cared about what Maleficent has in store for the worlds. Like I said, I'll at least give Hook & Jafar points for trying, but I'm not sure at all about Ursula. She & Oogie seem to have more care about using the Heartless to further...
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    What's Maleficent's & Pete's plans (if any) going forward?

    Has...anyone ever realized that...the Disney villains did...little to nothing in the first game? KH1 brought the iconic Disney villains together, but...that's really it. After rewatching KH1's story, it kinda just seems like the only ones ACTUALLY contributing to Maleficent's plans are literally...
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    What would Kingdom Hearts be like if it was primarily about Disney?

    Disney....is at a weird fucking place in this series. Because a KH that's primarily about Disney is pretty much full-on KH1. Disney used to be the driving force of the series, but...now the driving force is much...MUCH more on the ocs than the actual Disney worlds & characters. Divorcing either...
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    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    Honestly....yes. Or at least to me. Because despite the fact that the KH story in 3 would usually end with a giant Heartless fight, there's surprisingly a lot that can be done with the Heartless bosses that can't AT ALL be matched if we were fighting bosses like...Hans or Gothel. I kinda feel I...
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    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    I'm almost inclined to think that the idea of 'proper' Disney bosses disappeared after we killed off almost all of the literal faces of the Disney villain brand. And after fighting the same ones 3 or 4 times, it's also at a point where doing more or reviving dead villains back....solely to fight...
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    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    I know, I know. It just bothered me for some reason that it's not her, specifically. If anything I'm almost hesitant on thinking they should've reenacted the Little Mermaid plot in KH1 instead of KH2 (Almost seems better that way because of how it's almost as if everyone's memory of the events...
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    Be brutally honest: what is the absolute worst world in the kh franchise?

    As a cartoon person, I love Disney Town because of its cartoony & rubberhose aesthetics, KH1 Atlantica has me hooked with its story, and in all honesty, despite nothing really happening, I can't really say KH2 Atlantica is even that bad. ....It's LITERALLY....just Wonderland in EVERY game it's...
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    What if the Disney worlds were chosen by the fans?

    Oh, thank god, thank you. Forgive my stupid self.
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    What if the Disney worlds were chosen by the fans?

    Ok, question, whenever I see this quote it bugs me uh...Did Sakurai ACTUALLY say this? Noo...of course not, right?
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    Post your favorite "KH rewrite" videos.

    Ok, so I like the idea of Kairi ending up in Disney Town & being raised there. But...the one thing that doesn't sit well with me is...how Kairi kills Maleficent at the point of the game where it's barely even begun. I dunno it just...doesn't sit well with me.
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    What if the Disney worlds were chosen by the fans?

    I agree with Elysium. It's either Disney channel worlds....or no Disney at all, if it was up to the fandom. I can't really see an in-between.
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    What if KH2 hadn't had revisits?

    I can. Because...good lord, looking back I REALLY can't help but notice how...meaningless the 2nd visits are. The OC interaction Kira mentioned is just...nonexistent in a GREAT majority of the worlds. To sum up the 2nd visits, it's where the Org is...apparently more 'active' when in reality...
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    Favorite Boss Arena?

    I might have not looked hard enough, but I don't think there's ever been a thread on this. We talked about favorite Heartless, Nobodies, Disney Boss, OG boss, but have we EVER took the time to just...get enamored in the very place you fight the bosses in? There're alot of memorable arenas where...
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    What WERE the trees in Ven's visit to Dwarf Woodlands?

    Also that. This could also be the case.