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    What's this skill?

    Self explanatory, can't find what this skill is anywhere.
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    RNG Difference between Jap + NA

    Can we just talk about how ridiculously shit the RNG is on NA? Every time I guilt something on there I've never had higher than 21% first go, subsequent attempts have been barely better. That's not all though, lets compare my top three rows of medal between the two, I've played NA for 138 days...
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    Master Xehanort, Xigbar and Saix: Past or Present?

    I was about to say that the only difference between them is their clothes but you're right, Xigbars hair appears to have grown very swiftly. I see what you mean now, the only possible explanation for this is Realm of Sleep trickery, like when the old version of Riku turns up in Monstro, perhaps...
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    Master Xehanort, Xigbar and Saix: Past or Present?

    I think you're looking too far into it and confusing yourself, the recoded scene IS what confirms that they are from the present, otherwise Xigbar would have been standing over Braig in that room and they wouldn't have done whatever they did with Isa while he was still unconscious.
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    Ventus's eyes

    Here is the winner, this minor detail is definitely to show that Ventus isn't under Xehanorts control, the distinction is made by featuring Vantias's jawpiece rather than the Yellow eyes that we know Ventus has whilst under his control. I think Terra is going to be a SoD for at least the...
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    What order should we play Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in?

    Back Cover first, thought it would suck but after watching Chi's ending i am very curious to see how it plays out. Will kick shit if the master of masters pulls his hood down and it's just plain old Xehanort living all the way back then.
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    1 shot at Daily Sweet Deal (+3 CIDs) or 2 shots at FF+KH deal?

    So, obviously we all got 3000 free jewels today, pretty decent. Trying to decide which would be the better option, only got 19 hours or so to decide. I'm not really desperate for the Cid's but I do use more of the KH and FF medals than the disney characters. I'm nearing the end of the current...
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    Some guidance? UPDATED

    hey, so, I haven't been playing for very long, just over a week, I've literally just passed level 200 so I have the capability to guilt now. Basically I'm a bit stuck, I open a 600 pack every day but the last few have been pretty shitty to be honest, I don't know which medals to keep, which to...
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    3000 or 600 Jewel Packs, which is more worth it?

    So, so far from the 600 Jewel packs where you get 3 medals, I've had a 5* KH Cloud, 5* Master Form Sora, 5* Sora Ver A, and a 4* Reverse Hag. The rest have just been medals I've used as upgrades, but I've nearly got enough for a 3000 Jewel pack at the moment, I'm just wondering if I'm going to...
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    Is The Land of Departure Daybreak Town?

    I get your theory and I think it would be a great ending to Back Cover, but from running about there myself since Unchained was released in europe a few days ago, the place REALLY feels like BBS Radiant Garden to me.
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    Sunrise/Sunset Photographs

    Well i already posted a thread to show off my photography but i wanna see some of yours or just have more of a discussion going on, and there's gotta be some people on here that have caught some beautiful sunrises or sunsets in their time? I'll set the ball rolling, me and my girlfriend stayed...
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    My 35mm photography site

    tay / stripped bear I'm just here for some feedback from you guys. I shoot pretty much exclusively in 35mm (will move onto medium format in the fall but I don't have the money yet). I've uploaded a few photographs to this page but there are a LOT more if you just follow the link to my site.
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    What bothered me about Sora and Organization XIII

    when does demyx explain them? could anybody show me this
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    Braig and Xigbar might be two different persons?

    Re: braig and xigbar might be two different persons? Well this is already wrong because we see Castle of Dreams in the RoD at the end of Zero Point.
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    Your Deck Commands in BBS:FM, 2.5!

    Time Splicer has never made me vunerable apart from in boss battles, tbh its just a stupidly overpowered move but its so sick seeing how many enemies you can f*ck up in the space of a few seconds.
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    Braig and Xigbar might be two different persons?

    Re: braig and xigbar might be two different persons? would you care to point out where they have cut corners in the past? The only one I know is when they used Saix's model for YX in BBS, but it didn't matter one bit cause he was just in an org robe. They definitely didn't get lazy, there's a...
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    Absent Silhouette: Marluxia

    I usually just glide above whatever he's trying to attack me with.
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    Girl in "Another Side, Another Story...."?

    The video is purely conceptual, I personally saw it as Kairi watching Sora (and Riku in KH2) falling back from the RoD like a shooting star at the end of KH2 after beating Xemnas for the last time.
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    Your Deck Commands in BBS:FM, 2.5!

    Time Splicer is essential.
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    Drive Gauge stuck on 5

    Marluxia is a piece of piss to beat