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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    I can understand why people are still in denial saying that kh2fm+ will be released outside of japan but why make such a big deal about it? its just like hadesdragon said most of the fans who want it have already imported it so why bother releasing it outside of japan? it would be too much of a...
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    playasia isn't the only place you can get kh2fm+ I got mine from yesasia for $59.99 thats way cheaper than playasia's price
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    I'm mad that kh2fm+ is not coming out in the US, but I did what everybody else that wants it does I imported it.
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    how 2 play kh2fm+

    I have the first final mix and all I needed to play it was swap magic 3 and a flip top. I get kh2fm+ in two weeks I can't wait!!!
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    An English version of Final Mix+?

    I don't wanna wait any longer. I ordered my copy today. The only problem is I can't read japanese. oh well I beat the original final mix so I'm pretty sure I can beat this one.
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    Mae fans anyone?

    This thread is for all the Mae fans. Whats your favorite Mae song? My favorite ones are The sun and the moon and The ocean both from the everglow.
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    Bands going mainstream

    Do you think a band that goes mainstream is stupid? I would have to say I'm 50/50 on this one cause some bands that went mainstream are pretty cool, while others become sell outs and change for the Tv cameras.
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    favorite resident evil moment

    what was your favorite resident evil moment? mine was in part 3's opening fmv where the police and ubcs try to hold back the zombies and fail miserably
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    Bands you listen to

    what bands do you like to listen to? I like to listen to from first to last, red jumpsuit apparatus, motion city soundtrack, saosin, the academy is..., linkin park, and dragonforce, just to name a few.
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    just keep hitting him until his time meter is shorter than yours than just stay away from him or keep running around. It worked for me.
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    what was your favorite drive form?

    mine was the valor form.
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    The "What kind of clothes do you like to wear?" thread.

    I know this is stupid but I was bored so spare me. Just answer the freaking question.
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    Best FPS

    What is the best First person shooter game you ever played?
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    Zelda: Twilight Princess

    I'm really looking forward to this game. Hopefully it will be as good as ocarina of time.
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    Doom 3

    Does anybody like this game? I'd say it was the best shooter of the year.
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    Has anybody heard of this game? So far it looks awesome.
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    Jimmy Eat World

    Anybody like Jimmy Eat World? they are one of my favorite bands of all time :D
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    Videogame violence

    Should videogames be more violent or less violent?
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    Have any games ever given you nightmares?

    like the title says. have any games ever given you nightmares?
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    need help with kingdom hearts: final mix

    1. how the hell do you kill the black ballades? (or whatever their called) 2. how do you get the rare items from the neo shadows?