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    Bhk Theory

    hmmm maybe... bhk keyblade doesn't appear in teh same fashion as sora's bhk's is all computerized like with the matrix numbers and crap.
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    How much time are YOU gonna put into KH2?

    ... maurader thats the cheap way. you need to beat it with some challenge in it.
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    Japanese Version *NOT* a spoiler

    yeah you need a jap. ps2 or a modded regular one.
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    How much time are YOU gonna put into KH2?

    I'm gonna go in every house, kill ever boss, make out with kairi, whatever I have to do to get 100% completion. I wish KH1 had that so in teh end if i was missing something it would make me want to go back and try for that perfect 100%
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    Pic from Jump Festa 2006 Trailer

    I think that is what everyone is talking about.
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    Pic from Jump Festa 2006 Trailer

    oh that is in the trailer.... i think idk since i can't see the pic but if it has someone in the middle its the one from the trail that we have already seen.
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    Pic from Jump Festa 2006 Trailer

    me either...
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    More Theories Arising?

    Hmmmm or that what we were made to think.. like in AC there was 3 pieces of sephy a shell of memories a body for the heart and one for his soul...?
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    Bunnies..... but seriously what is they all have like some battle clothes they only use when they really fight sora/bhk/riku?
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    I thought they can only summon nobodies... i haven't seen anyone summon regular heartless.
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    Bring Sora drive form pics plz

    No one is being a racist...... *looks at himself* yep i'm still the same dark brown I have always been. ^^
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    no if you look in the middle of teh black it doesn't resemble the unknown cloaks for it doesnt have a zipper and if mickey can take off his cloak what does the real org. members look like under the cloaks?
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    when did unknown cloaks have yellow in it... and he doesn't have a zipper....
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    Bring Sora drive form pics plz

    I am black also so no racism against my own race just funny humor.
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    Bring Sora drive form pics plz

    lol but what about the black drive form... i hope he isnt all black i can hear the jokes now.. unknown: everyone get down its sora he gots a gun sora: no i don't unknown: sure you do.. every balck person does.... sora: that hurts.....
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    which FF Villians would make good Villians in KH Series

    hmmm i would have to say seymor from ffx he alread has the look of a unknown member.
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    More Theories Arising?

    I have a theory for ya.. what does the third keyblade look like?
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    New Scans!!!

    wowlike i have never seen these before in my entire life *sarcasm*... dude just look before you post they are like already on this site..
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    supposed review..

    wow thi s had alreay veen posted and still on the front page... cmon its not that hard to look before you post.
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    New V-jump Scans...

    hmm just wait till about 8 am dec. 22 you will know half the game by then ^^