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    What's the difference?

    What is the difference between KH2 and KH2: Final Mix? They both sound the same except one is from here and one is for Japan. Can anybody explain that to me?:confused: Heather
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    Anybody playing Suikoden 4?

    :unsure: I'm having such a troubling time beating that game right now. At this point, I'm at the point where I think I have to find more people to come onto my ship, but I have no idea how to do that? :confused: Do I have to go to some city and get people to come with me? What am I ever to do...
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    So let me guess......

    Well, thanks for your imput. I was just wondering :)
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    So let me guess......

    :unsure: So there is gonna be a Kingdom Hearts 2 FM available in america? Or not? Oh, and is it true that there is gonna be a Kingdom Hearts 3 next year available in America? If anyone can clear that up for me, that wouldbe awesome!:thumbup:
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    I need help!

    I Need Help! Lol
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    I need help!

    Yeah, that's the evil man! GRR! ; i don't think i have that keyblade :(
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    I need help!

    Okay, now I'm stuck at another part! I am in the World that Never was and I am this part where one of the guys from the Organization calls me Roxas and he has a ponytail. I have no clue how to defeat him. He keeps killing me. lol Can someone help me???
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    I need help!

    I can understand that, so you can go back to other worlds even though you completed them already?
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    I need help!

    You see, I'm Lv. 39 in the KH2 game, but the only problem is I am in a world that is a Lv. 45. I was wondering if there was any way I can bump my level so I match my world. I have no idea how. If anyone can help me, it would be most appreciated. -Heather
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    Friend in need of help.....

    Hey. My friend is stuck on a part of the game where she's in Agrabah and she doesn't know how to get onto this high ledge and she is kind of stuck. She has tried everything that she could think of to try to move on in the game. If anyone out there can help us, it would be most appreciated. -Heather
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    .dot HACK HELP!!!!!

    I have this problem..... I need help on my HACK game. I need some hints to help me through this game. Private message me plz!!!! Blondie
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    Hey People!! I Completed the First Kingdom Hearts

    Hey People!! If anybody needs any help on any part of the game, just e-mail me at AngelfromHell_911@yahoo.com Or: Send me a private message! Thanks alot!! Blondie :)