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    ok a theory that i might agree or not

    Re: ok a theory that im ight agree or not You are just describing a Heartless here.. Only Emblem Heartless release a Heart when they are destroyed, Pureblood Heartless turn into a black liquid/smoke when destroyed. The idea is that Emblem Heartless are Hearts that have been processes and...
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    The Official No.XIV Xion Discussion Thread So, there are a million topics that are related to Xion and it is impossible to keep up with all of them. Hopefully, with the construction of this topic, we will all be able to keep a closer tab on all of these theories and concepts. So, everyone is...
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    Unbirth quick thought

    Yeah, I don't see how souls would just suddenly decide to stick with the body.
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    Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

    Has anyone translated the information on the KH Mobile website? I really need to know what it says. It's like, imperative that I know. Link: KINGDOM HEARTS MOBILE
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    PS3 Re:com problems

    Could you maybe share the source of this save?
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    Marlu Glitch, much??

    So, I'm still in the tutorial battle with Marluxia. . . And the game has stopped loading or something or other. The little window has popped up saying to walk around with left analog, to look with right, and to reset with R3. . . So I did all of that and nothing happens. So i run around the room...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 NTSC/UC CB/AR Codes

    I am currently reading the KH wiki page of the World that Never Was, and it had this to say in the Trivia Section: Is there any truth to this statement?? Like, on Youtube??
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    Ew, I hate it when people mix the CGI trailers with the prerendered trailers. It looks so tacky, or maybe even trashy. But, like mentioned earlier, there is absolutely nothing about 358/2 Days in this vid.
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    Nomura said that the number of members in the Organization was not reflected in the Organization's name. I think he may have even joked about it being relative to how unlucky they all were.
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    roxas+venn wristband

    Lol. Well if you couldn't notice already, Roxas and Ven have many similar characteristics. Now, I am completely typing in theory, with little to no evidence to really back myself up, but it is commonly accepted that Roxas may be harboring Ven's heart. Therefor, aside from their similar looks...
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    found a cool article

    Is Cheatplanet influential? Should I care about their opinion?
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    There like the official image of the character that gets put on posters or used in the guide books or magazines or whatever. Each character can have like two or three, naturally Sora has tons, and they just paste them to everything.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread I went by EB today and paid for Re:CoM in advanced. It was murder getting into the downtown area with all of these people in town for some televised event or something or other, but I managed. I was hoping to get something in return for the pre-order...
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    We already know where the Heartless came from, and it had nothing to do with the Unbirths, what does that tell you? It could mean that the Unbirths, and their fate of extinction, laid the way for new enemies, the Heartless and Nobodies. Or, the Unbirths inspired the creation of the Heartless...
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    You clearly said that the Unbirths were an early form of the Heartless. Nomura said that the Unbirths are the "groundwork" or "starting point". If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that you said the Unbirths literally became the Heartless, which would be incorrect.
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    Oh, what ev. You were talking out of context.
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    Organization XIII (oops my bad, XIV)

    No they aren't. We know nothing about the Unbirths, except that they go extinct by the end of BBS and that they have red eyes and that they predate the invention of the Heartless and Nobodies by ten years.
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    BBS Keyblade Question

    It was never stated, but it may be an implied sort of thing. Well, wouldn't Star Seeker be his Keyblade? Not to mention Mickey using Star Seeker in BBS, apparently when he was still Yen Sid's apprentice or something.
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    BBS Keyblade Question

    Haha, nice, relevant reference. Lol.