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    Fanfiction ► School Day (Khi Style)

    KILLER!!! and i barely understood a word XD....LMAo...-_-;
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    If you could be any character from any show or game or whatever who would you be?

    Choose wisely who cause others will laugh there a** es of when they see it! I wish i could be dante from Devil May Cry haveing thoughs awesome powers and devil trigger is awesome.:D now who do you choose?
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    What world of music do u live in?

    Whats your favorite type of music? im an opened minded person so im into anything except "country music". so even international catches my intrest.
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    How Would Kingdom Hearts Be If It Was Made Into A Movie?

    I Think it Would Be Awful Due To Previous VG movies That Came Out before. Like Doom, Blood Rain, And So On, Ect. Whats your Opinion?
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    What game would make a great Movie.

    I say Halo would Be a good movie which will be out in theaters 2007 next year.
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    Hey Whats the deal With people Being Ahole most of the time here in Khinsider!!!

    I hate those type of people that think there smarter or just to good! So what option do we have? Whats Your Response?
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    Final Fantasy A.C. whos ur favorite character?

    Hey whos ur favorite FF7 character? i say sephiroth is mine way cool evil and powerful! :evil:
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    Advent Children better in english or Jap? what is ur repliy?

    Fellow KHmembers what is ur best intrest on Advent children? type now!!!!
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    Who would win a fight Between Kazuma from scryed,inuyasha,or Vash From trigun?

    Post ur replies here!! And later the most who select the better winner will be put on my web stie with the peeps.
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    Hey whats new in the anime world?

    Hey any new info post it to check it out whatever just let us know whats going on these days.