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    Do you visit each world at least twice?

    Looking at these guides, how come you have to go back and forth inbetween worlds, although it kind of makes the game longer. Speaking of which how much longer is this game than KH1?
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    Beast's castle story?

    Hi. Can anyone do a summary of what happens at the Beast's Castle level? I'd be most appreciative.
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    Wayne Allwaine as the voice of Mickey?

    I know Nomura (I think that's his name) said that Mickey's voice will be more serious in KH2, but does that mean that Mickey will be recast? Because that is a big no-no for me! I mean, it's just like when Sega replaced Ryan Drummond with Jason Griffith as the voice of Sonic. (Poor Ryan Drummond...
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    So who's the boss of Beast's castle and what does he do to Belle? (Spoilers)

    Hey I saw on the official website what looks to be an Order member kidnapping Belle, I want to know what is his name and is he the boss? Why does he kidnap Belle? (If he does, I'm not sure)
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    Hey uh what happens at the Beast's Castle level (Spoilers, obviously)

    Hey all, I'd like to know the events that take place at the Castle of the Beast if anybody would be so kind... in fact, you know I haven't heard anything story events that take place just in the Disney worlds really and that's where I'm interested. Thanks.