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    Who made the best character transition...

    Yeah, for a Nobody~ Axel sure has a lot of emotions packed inside. Fuck that Yen Sid for saying that nobodies has no emotions, if he had met Axel~ he would've thought otherwise.
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    Then you would be missing the point of Sea-Salt Ice Cream
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    Know what's weird

    I noticed that lots of people seems to claim that Coded is somewhat a bridge between KH2 and KH3. Or takes place after KH2 ..... Why is Sora in his KH1 clothes?
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    How Xion MAY have come to be

    One thing ... If Xion was supposedly a some kind of a bizarre form of Sora's memories, wouldn't that enable Namine to corrupt and make her bent into anything she commends since Namine does have power over his memories.
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    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    That was the only thing I really wanted. ; -; I loved doing Ragnarok.
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    The most annoying things about KH2!

    Demyx's infamous 10 sec. time limit. Heaven knows how many time I had reached that and lose. That was when I found Donald's Comet Limit useful when I accidentally pressed the wrong(or was it the right? lol) reaction command.
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    A Limited Edition 358/2 Days DSi is in the Works!

    Does it matter if Days would be on DSi? It's not like if I just plug the casette into my DS Lite, the casette would go "OMFG, THIS IS NOT DSi!" *blows up* But even though I talk big, I would be forced to trade in my DS Lite for DSi if Days was only compatible with DSi.
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    Sora/Zack Roxas/Cloud theory

    Zack was never a Nobody ... or even has one. FF world =/= KH world
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    I did say that at the end of KH2, he would eventually go back with Sora. But look at Roxas before he even know about Sora. He seems to be wielding the keyblade well and fighting them off just fine. Same with Sora at CoM~ he was owning them left and right and even held his ground against Marluxia.
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    What in the heck? This page jumps from one to three overnight. That's it Sitar, no more sugary snacks at night.
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    I got confused at first too, I was like, "what happened to Sora? Is this like Final Fantasy where they just randomly insert new characters get get rid of old ones?" And L-O-L @ Donald and Goofy part. xD
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    Would you cheer for or boo Roxas if he does this?

    What if after DiZ left Roxas alone with Sora's pod and then it opened. He would look up to Sora and just say, "You know what? I hate you even more now, Sora" then he just turned around and walked away from Sora's sleeping body. I know I would've just cheered and continued to play as...
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    Anti- sora

    Really, in Anti-Sora~ if you jump in the air and spam attack button, you pretty much hover in the air. I remember my fight with Xigbar, I only touched the floor once.
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    If there was any hope the US would have 358/2 Days soon..

    I don't mind it that much. Those Japanese people can moan and bitch about that while we can wait for Re: CoM since they have played it and FM+, they have nothing to look forward to.
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    can riku die in kh2

    Yes, but it isn't automatic Game Over since he isn't the main character of the game. :D
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    Most Useful Limit?

    Donald's and Simba's. Donald's gives you invulnerability for limit time and kills off the enemies around you, what could be better than that? Simba's ... I just like to do that spinning keyblade attack in the air while Simba attacks.