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    Does anyone Airsoft?

    Hey, I just recently got into airsoft guns they are pretty fun. Thing is, i've only used my friends guns, and now I want to buy my own. Can anyone reccomend a website that I can buy airsoft guns from? I want AEG's only, gas is too much and spring is just lame. Also if anyone else owns any guns...
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    Question About Naruto Anime

    What episode is it were they show Sasuke's past with Itachi?
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    >>> The Naruto RP Thread <<<

    I know what yall are thinking O-M-G not another one! **shoots self** well i've decided to make one anyway ^_^ Name: Uzahaki Kaine Village: Hidden leaf village Age:14 Gender: male Personality: Witty, funny, loud Weapon(s): Kunai (x4) (in holsters on leg) Appearance: Black Hooded sweatshirt...
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    Can someone post a pic of fenrir?

    As the title states, im wandering if someone can post a pic of fenrir thanks :)
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    Which is harder?

    I'd say Proud and restarting but that's just me!
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    sucks for him...im takin my time...Im at underworld with auron. __________________ Ummm...No it doesn't suck i beat it in 2 days but i had a hell of a time. I enjoyed it and still have stuff to do, look at my sig. It's a videogame..You want me to sit and wait to play it? i just played it like...
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    Personal rating

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree to the above poster. Im very disapointed but i liked the game alot! But anyways people already are speaking of KH 3 so hey who knows maybe if we dont wait 4 years it won't be such a let down? IDK but whatever
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    Personal rating

    9/10 Like Pwn3d said, all that hype...and on proud mode i beat the game in two frigging days....But everything else is great i just think they were like " zOMG We gotta get this game out now fanboys are going nuts ZOmG just throw in that and that and that" and you get KH2 with some special...
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    The Unofficial "I beat KH II" thread!

    Hey the title explains it all. If you beat the game just say so and if you feel up to it post your stats and all that other good stuff! My stuff is in my sig.
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    yeah i can't play till tomorow because my mom and dad hogging the big screen ^^ oh well though.
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    No i did not actually. I just took a swing at it man its so awsome too!
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    Hey awsome! I'm the farthest! woot!
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    The "How far are you in KHII" thread.

    I'm at "the world that never was" just beat luxord and just got final form and im dual wielding oathkeeper and oblivion baby! Got the game when it came out and it just seems too short...O.O but im having one heck of a time.
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    spells of kh2?

    that sounds awsome! espically that magne one! "get over here you stupid flying hearless"
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    spells of kh2?

    thanks but can you tell me what the new ones do?
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    spells of kh2?

    anyone know about the spells of kh2? new old blah blah? lol
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    SO favorite keyblade?

    title speaks it all
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    which is the best keyblade out of these

    DELETE THIS my bad!!
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    Can you show me a pic?

    can you link me a pic of ultima weapon? my ps2 broke two weeks ago and i just got it back and all my game memory was wiped! so i had to restart and my guy is lvl 63 now working on the hades cup blah blah so yeah pics.....thank you so much
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    hey help please signiture trobule

    nvm mind lock this sorry my bad