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    which command style are you most looking forward to

    I want Ghost Drive abd Dark Impulse.....they look so epic!
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    GameSpot Review!

    oh man what's up with the complaint about load times they don't even seem that long, people are so impatiant and picky about games now-a-days!
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    Storyline Question

    no he just said that is the best way to play story wise, but it doesn't change if you play it in any order.
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    Friend D-Link and multilplayer for BBS made easy

    I actually like the D-links and the D-link forging looks like a really good idea!!!!!
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    No I thought it was pronounced that way too because that is the way I have been pronouncing it. I don't see the problem?
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    UK's Official Nintendo magazine looks forward to KH3DS(Scan)

    Yaay! It takes place after KH2, I'm glad it's not going back!
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    News on RE:Coded(may be old...may be new)

    This actually old news.....I think it said it on the japanese RE:Coded trailer...
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    New scene: Aqua, Mickey, Kairi, & Kairi's Grandmother!!!

    Good......since they took long enough to bring it over to NA!
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    keyblade for BBS

    That's true the Fenrir did have a higher attack. You never know they might make it stronger since the boss is going to be so hard!
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    coded boss battle

    Re: coded roxas boss battle wow didn't know this fight was on there.....I bet it's going to be way better on the DS though, since the fighting has improved!