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  1. Z

    What FF characters should have been in KH2!

    Where is Tidus and Wakka in KH2 they are in KH but not in KH2 that would be good if you could fight them again
  2. Z

    Roxas is Crazy!

    Roxas can really do pain on enemy if he can still be played further in the game that is 1 heck of killing spree
  3. Z

    whoa! roxas!

    This is very and i really mean very old news ever since the VA has been announced this should be closed soon
  4. Z


    If you say kairi is light what about Sora then??
  5. Z

    KH2 music

    Click here to get the songs you want
  6. Z

    Valor or Wisdom?

    Valor is my type i am not into magic, i rely on strength though sometime i use magic
  7. Z

    Showdown of fate 2 NA version

    you saw the title http://youtube.com/watch?v=QLmDK-fDm3U A bit poor quality but worth watching thx AxelRyman for this vid
  8. Z

    The saddest death in Kh2

    Axel, he die so sadly why must it be him o man so drama i am crying so badly
  9. Z

    level 100

    Thats so cheating... i wish i can have Action replay there are even god mode and many other things to spoil the fun
  10. Z

    *real* ultima keyblade pics

    WTH the keyblade looks really heavy no wonder it is so strong (it is the size of my carpet!!!)
  11. Z

    Vivi doesn't talk, that sux!

    yup the colour 1 i know of which is broken NOOOO!!!!!
  12. Z

    KH2 Final Fantasy Characters

    ya evil enough to kill someone i know----->Sora!!!
  13. Z

    Still haven't changed?

    lol that would be cool in a new way XD
  14. Z

    Vivi doesn't talk, that sux!

    i played FFIII before but i did not play finish the game
  15. Z

    KH2 Final Fantasy Characters

    ya vivi is the best FF character in twlight town so far
  16. Z

    What's your favorite world?

    I like Hollow Bastion cause of the FF characters live there XD
  17. Z

    Which Keyblade do you want for KH2?

    I would want the 2 best
  18. Z

    Funny Resident Evil 4 music vid

    Funny vid of resident evil 4 music vid that my friend show me please don't flame me if you had see this before http://youtube.com/watch?v=QKXWAE8YYxY
  19. Z

    Kingdom Hearts 2- Site UPDATE!!!!

    I did not see any good update on the world
  20. Z

    Its about time!

    Wish i can get the import damn it, i am going to wait arrrrrghhhhh