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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    That sounds reasonable. Anyway, still wondering about my questions, but for the record, I have unlocked Final Episode and beat it (damn the second Terranort is a royal pain that I had to get Once More and Second Chance for it! O:<) but the rest of my questions still stand.
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    - Ok - Should've known. - But what if I load that file up after saving it, then save it over again with the same exact file? I'm just hoping this does nothing as far as getting the Final Episode. New set of questions if no one minds...:( and as I believe I should say this may contain possible...
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Also just finished BBS (well Terra's and Ventus' anyhow so far) and have a few questions I tried looking answers for hoping someone can help. :) But before I ask I should probably point out this may have things people consider to be spoilers, so I bolded it here. 1. I'm still not sure why...
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    Optional Missions in 358/2 Days

    These, I would skip because I'm interested in mostly completing the story. However at the same time, I want a little of the gameplay aspect of it, which is why I wouldn't simply look up the scenes on YouTube. However, I notice that even some of the optional missions may have cutscenes before...
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    Maleficent is powerful, not Pete. Pete's a coward and a dumbass.
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    I think Maleficent is powerful enough to take on hordes of Heartless. It's Pete that sucks balls at fighting.
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    armored soldiers... SPOILERS

    So there are Ansem Reports in Final Mix that weren't revealed in II? Damn Well yeah I just know there's one marked "0" as shown at 0:02
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    Where are Pete and Maleficent?!

    My exact thoughts. __________________
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    SE Old Man and Cloud

    The Old Guy's henchman has a keychain on his Keyblade. Also the thing about E.S splitting into two I think that was just an effect, BUT, when he looked up at the heart in the sky, his eyes went from blue to gold O.o
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    I believe the U.E.M is the Keyblade wielder mentioned in Ansem Report #9. I knew the U.E.M changed the form of his Keyblade once I saw the 80 MB video file.
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    The book in yen sids tower

    Well I can't find the text anywhere and I'm too lazy to play the game over. By the way, Yensid is Disney spelled backwards (I am not just figuring this out)
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    Master Yen Sid

    LMAO __________________
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    Riku... left out?

    taa wrote: i SO hope they have riku in the next game-if they dont i'll hunt down the game designers and kill them all. ...fun... lol I'll go with you.
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    The book in yen sids tower

    Can someone write the text in the book here or find where it could be on the net? I'm having trouble finding it.
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    I think the EMS is the one being referred to in: "One legend says its wielder saved the world, while another says that he wrought chaos and ruin upon it" Just a theory.
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    Please don't get mad at me

    Lmao __________________________________
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    Sora vs. Axel

    Awesome...and I didn't know you could fight in your KH1 outfit.
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    Twilight Town Mansion

    The Mansion is one of my favorite places to go to in KH2.
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    Mickey's involvment in the new secret ending

    It's a new series that's being made.