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    re KH:COM most wanted feature.

    k, first of all organisation XIII is made up of half of old researchers under Xehanort, and all the other members would have keyblades to them as theyre weapons if they were past keyblade masters, and besides could u see Axel or Larxenne weilding a Keyblade? KH3 doesnt hafta be a prequel, as all...
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    Twilight Town Songs

    it is way better, but soras is still on
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: big structure i never noticed. ill check now
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    Good and Bad points of KH2?

    Completely love the game, but i personally think a reverse rebirth for kh2 with riku would be cool. Also a boss fight against roxas, i was so dissapointed there wasnt 1. Also i hated aeriths voice actor, she made aeirth sound slow and retarted and she shud be shot. And Atlantica, why Nomura put...
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    R u the only one out of your freinds to play this.

    Ive got quiite a few mates who play ph, but im the only one who follows it and completely turns the game inside out:)
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    Taking their time?

    meh, goof is way better than donald, he just sucks completely
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    To All Eurorpe Gamers!!!

    I would but its hard to find someone to do it in NZ, and thats beside the point, we shouldnt have to
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    To All Eurorpe Gamers!!!

    Are You seriously always annoyed by the fact the gaming world always serves us last, all the games and systems come out last here, were just as valid gamers as the rest of the world this is sick, they havent even released a release date for KH2 here, so vent your anger here
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    Sephiroth's VA?

    Lance Bass voice acted him in Kh right? he did an alright job, but this time around there needs to be someone with more force and strenth in their voice, the VA for the Jap Advent Children Sephiroth is spot on fyi
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    Jesse McCartney!

    It wont be that bad, as long as he does a good job it doesnt matter who does the voice acting, so get over it
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    do u have to beat kh CoM?

    Tesuya Nomura specifically said you dont need to play Chain of mem ories at all to get the storyline, all it does is introduce the Orginisation and Namine. You dont even need to play KH, but he said it would help
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 V.S Halo 2

    Halo 2 sucks complete crap and there is no question whatsoever in this so go home and change youre game preferences
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    Sora Vs Riku

    Sora would hands down, not saying that riku isnt cool, but seeing some of kh2 it looks like sora is way better
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    What world are u most anticipated on playing in.

    Split between port royal or space paranoid
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    Was kh com worth it

    I Beleive the only people who dont like the battle system are people who arnt open to new things
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    About to Crack? C:

    Ive stopped myself on the opening FMV, the rest can wait til then
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    riku's kh2 voice

    This does not help in the slightest
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    Kingdom Hearts II Opening FMV!!!!!!!!!!!

    That pics been around for a week, this is just stupid, someone shut this thread down
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    Xaibal and DiZ? What is the connection

    Yeah, but still probable but it seems too rumory
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    Kingdom hearts???

    It could be the door, but it would be extremely unlikely to put the end of the game out so early