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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ FAQ

    well from 1up.com its coming to the usa in 01/01/2008 ACCORDING to the site 1up.com.. and the news is from kh2.co.uk
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    kh2 got boring yet?

    I love it it gets better as soon as i try to kill Sephiroth's scary a$$.. lol
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    Cant Get Pain and Panic Paradox cup trophy!!

    Well have you leveled up your drive forms to level five? i had the same problem thanks to bond of flames he helped me!
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    The Ultimate COM 'Favorites' Thread

    Game Mode: Sora's Character:Sora Organization Member:axel World:castle oblivion Keyblade Card:ultima weapon Magic Card:cure Summon Card:cloud Enemy Card:Vexen Ability:sonic Boss Battle:ursusula Quote: Ill protect you and please dont cry Scene:When Sora remembers that it was kairi who gave him...
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    Why do you hate Atlantica?

    I love aLantica! The songs were WICKED! I couldnt stop laughing how funny some were but it was Brilliant!
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    Argh i need two O+ im soo close! Someone help! I tried to use the guide!
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    how long

    two days so like 40 hours i played it from the start of july.. lol i think
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    Help, its kinda stupid but im paranoid.

    Well if you see the battle report then you do if you dont then DONT SWITCH IT OFF! cos you might be seening the secret ending.
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    FAQ : Drive Forms

    To level up drive forms would you in the normal mode need to level up? Cos my drive form at all at level five and i still havent got the final form! somone anwer me please!
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    Fave OrgXIII member's hair

    it would have to be Axel's hair is the best cos its werid. Dexmy is just too normal lol Zeixon is okay but not as good as Axels lol
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    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    Um im confused with: First where is the great maw?
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    is my game messed up?

    Well it seems fine to me. I mean like i couldnt go until the secound time round all the worlds. Though i still havent beaten Alantica yet.. So.. not sure though it sounds alright to me..
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    Kingdom hearts 2 music

    Yeah It would be wicked if someone told us where they were. A shame though i really adored aeril and sora's voice in that song..
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    Kingdom hearts 2 music

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know where i can get the english mp3 verision of Kingdopm hearts 2. The songs in Atlantica? The songs i love them they are in my head. Oh and mods well cos some people may have not finished the Atlantica world i thought i would put it in the spoiler thread. The songs...
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    Who thinks that Saix should be the leader of the orginization?

    No way he is just no i dont think it suits him even though well no.. I think Xenmas is better as a leader then Saix..
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** Exactly my point but well i wonder what happens to Roxas and Namine. I mean like it was a real shame that they were told not to exist.. I mean how would you feel. And i hope it tells us everything in the letter! Maybe another journey has...
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    KH2 Cutscenes archive

    Re: *Update 1/21* All KH2 Cutscenes Available Wicked! And for everyone here is where some of them you can download them from in english: Enjoy!
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    Goosebumps from 13th Dilema (Possible Spoilers)

    I had chills down my spine. It was scary fighting luxord with me i was soo scared i was going to lose. A pinch of death i have been mostly with the organisation. lol heck it was hell. I have nightmares about demxyss lol Scary how dance water dance seem so real lol
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** I guess so. Maybe it will show how kairi is a princess. I know pure heart. blah blah. but still aeril is a princess.. Also that would be great if they made a wider storyline upon the characters. And well i noticed that the secret movie the...
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    KH2 too easy?

    heck i thought even in beggingers mode IT WAS HARD!! Though i didnt ask mickey for help how do you get him to help you??? I tried to make him help me but never achieve it!