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    Unofficial translation from Japanese in progress!!!!

    I'm working on the patch for Re:CoM alongside the leader of this project. I reckon it'll be a while before it'll be 100% complete, there's still a lot of work to do, but it's progressing well. My main topic about it is here: Re:CoM Translation Project I've been able to find the text for the...
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    Kingdom Hearts Remake: Chain of Memories Proud mode?

    well I got my ass handed to me constantly in proud mode, I had to go back to beginner to stand a chance, but I was never good at CoM.
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    R/R level advice for ansem fight?

    wow awesome ^_^ I'm gonna skip the rest of these rooms then.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM Boss Battle Help Thread

    My general strategy for the R/R boss fights is keep hitting away until you break enough cards for dark mode, then when you transform just keep throwing sleights at them. Worked for everyone so far and I'm up to twilight town :P
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    extra scene in Reverse Rebirth

    I hope someone posts a translation for this, I'm gonna want to know what they're saying too... I can chuck it onto youtube when I reach it if someone'll be able to translate it.
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    R/R level advice for ansem fight?

    I'm in twilight town and I'm level 51 at the moment, I've been following advice to boost AP when possible, then focus on DP and increase HP when neccesary, so all of the boss fights are alright, and I only need one or two retries maximum. Would I be able to beat ansem at this level? If not...
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    Trickmaster R/R help

    no problem :) I'm in twilight town now, so only the massive castle oblivion world after this and then I've finished the game! ^_^
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    Trickmaster R/R help

    I just beat the trickmaster in R/R actually, I was level 40 though so I'm not sure what level you are now.. my main objective when visiting a new world is defeating the heartless in every room in the world, in the nightmare before christmas world this got me 8 levels higher which was pretty...
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    awesome, I just completed sora's story today! I have to say the second Larxene boss fight was the hardest of them all, after that Riku IV and last I'd say Axel. Marluxia was so easy it was unreal, he never broke my cards and even though he loaded sleights really fast I had enough 0 cards to...
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    Hidden rooms?

    I've seen them too and I have no idea how to get there, have you tried opening all of the rooms? I can't remember if that's how I got to some of them...
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    help me..i cant beat ansem in KH C.o.M

    I guess try levelling up higher, I think that's the trick to beating people in Riku's mode since you can't modify your deck.
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    Camera Controls Question

    yeah they retained the great camera from KH2 with this game, it certainly helps make the game easier, especially in battles.
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    do you have an action replay max? if you do it'll be easy, just go to memory manager and plug a flash drive into one of the usb ports on the ps2, then you can copy the saves across to the flash drive and upload them, otherwise I might be able to help you load an exploit disk and transfer them to...
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    Theater Mode?

    yeah I'm playing on beginner mode now, it's a lot easier. I looked on gamefaqs and in KH2:FM you can choose any difficulty and still unlock theater mode, so it should be the same for Re:CoM.
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    Theater Mode?

    bah no-one seems to know, I guess I'll try beginner mode and if that doesn't work out then I'll have to restart on standard.
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    Theater Mode?

    Is it possible to get theater mode from completing the game on Beginner difficulty? I'm finding proud mode way too hard...:closedeyes: I've been trying to beat Riku II for 4 hours and I'm ready to throw my PS2 out of the window now.
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    anyone beat Sora's story

    I'd appreciate this too, I've been trying to complete Sora's story and I've just managed to beat Riku 1, but it took me like 20 tries :sad: I don't know how I'm gonna be able to beat Riku 4 at this rate :closedeyes:
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    Missing a character

    Just one question, to get the secret ending in standard mode you have to complete Jiminy's Journal, does that include all of the Maps, Missions, Minigames and Character Links? Or does it only extend to Characters, Story, Album and Treasures, because I'v completed the latter but not the former in...
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    Missing a character

    Where do you usually find him?
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    Missing a character

    I'm missing a character in Twilight Town, I've got Seifer Vivi Rai Fuu Sora Donald Goofy Pence Hayner Olette Yen Sid Flora Merryweather Fauna Roxas which one am I missing?