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    About Passion

    YAY!! I just beat KH2 this morning, and the lyrics that have been said before are true. What Namine says means "The future is..." And Kairi says "The era/change in time's..." IT WAS AWESOME, and NTSC North American waiters, it is definately worth the wait! P.S.(Kinda Spolierish) SEOHY IS...
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    Anyone else excited that Sephiroth will have 1 if not more video scenes in KH2?

    The Japanese voice actor is really good for the essence of Sephiroth. Im glad that they used the same one from AC. And if anyone lieks Inuyasha particularly, the same voice actor is the guy who does the Japanese voice of Naraku!! ^_^
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    A Drive Form Glitch?

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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    Well, I actually have a small glitch that I think is one. A coupe times, once when I was fighting Boggey, I switched to brave form...But all the sudden I turned into Dark Form (when you turn into a heartless). I havent even gotten that form yet. Can someone explain this to me?
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    Kingdom Hearts II Demo Disc Cover

    About the disc stuff...um, i'll be able to tell ya since.....I AM GETTING THE GAME FOR CHRISTMAS!! AND IM TRANSLATING THE FIRST COUPLE OF CUTSCENES!! so yea.......
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    Photos taken at Jump Fiesta

    Omfg!!! Its Festa!! How Many Times Will Everyone Get It Wrong?!?!?! Omg You Guys Are Soooooooooooooooo Annoying.
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    Need a little help...plz dont flame

    Hi, I remember someone had a NARUTO gif that had Itachi harassing Orochimaru, saying that all bunnies should die, and that he kicked a muffin that Orochimaru had been eating. CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!! I am VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY sorry to spam. YAY:cool:
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    My Theoretical Idea on Who the Engimatic Man Is!

    I have a very very strange feeling that Ansem is the Engimatic Man. I think that DiZ and Ansem are still the same person, but again, that one Ansem Report(13??) stated that he cast off his body to find out more about the Heartless. I think that the soul of Ansem or whatever you may call it is...
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    MORE English lines in PASSION!

    last 45 seconds...
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    Shimomura talks about KHII Music

    good find...CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!
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    Um...if you have any questions about the game and content...PM MEE!! I'm getting it the day it comes out. I did a special order so that it ships before the release date, and gets to me at the release date. I CAN UNDERSTAND JAPANESE AS WELL, so I will also be......PROVIDING VIDEO AND...
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    Vc Recording For Kh2

    Here it is in a nutshell 1. I can use the video camera as a screen for the PS2, and its in the VCR mode 2. I cant record what I'm watching, such as the PS2 game.
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    Vc Recording For Kh2

    Hey KHinsider, I am doing some stuff for some REALLY REALLY good friends of mine, and providing video and translations of the video. I am preforoming tests beofire I actually record the KH2 footage. and there is one litle thing... I have been able to mkae the Playstation 2 video appear on the...
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    Better Quality pics to confirm stuff

    Thats Not Cloud Ac Sworrrd!!! Watch The Tgs 2005 Trailer!!!
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    KH2 new trailer

    but like most things, that a bit difficult....
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    What do we know about weapons in KH2? And what do we hope for?

    I think that those will be the only ones that are coming back, and the rest of them are going to be new keyblades.
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    Unofficial Forum Translator

    Dear KHINSIDER Forums, Please forgive me for posting spam, but I believe that this is somewhat important. I have seen a lot of threads where people are like, "What does this screenshot mean again" and such things like that. I would like to annouce that if you need a translation to a screenshot...
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    KH2 Demo in the next issue of D-PS2

    Tokyo Game Show 2005!! Look It Up On The Site!!!
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    KH2 Demo in the next issue of D-PS2

    NEO:"I think the full name of the mag. is Dengenki PS2 or something like that" I actually checked that, and no it is not Dengeki. I will getting the magazine, and I will also provide a translation for KH Ultimania!!!
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    Am I the only one that felt that...*SPOILERS*

    .....ok then.................how about...............NOT AT ALL YOU TOOL!!!!