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    Question about Yuna, Rikku fairie summons

    I haven't got the game yet, but I read on Wikipida (I know I mixed up the name of the site, but if you need a link I'll give it to you), that the Yuna and Rikku faerie summons only pretend to help Sora, but really work for Maleficient (sp?) because she's a higher bidder. I know this is old news...
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    Luke's KH2 Cutscene Selection (SPOILERS)

    Thanks! But for some odd reason I can't figure it out... I still can't make stills.
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    Kairi's eye color used to be dark blue. I think Soras was too.... Hmmmmm.
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    new KH2 footage at ign.com

    What kind of footage?
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    He is hot! And although he has long hair it looks good on him. OR atleast that's what I think. ;)
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    I didn't look at Kairi's eyes, but it seems apparent that a lot of the characters eye color got changed in KH2.
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** How long is the trailer anyway?
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 Ending Discussion Thread ***Major Spoilers*** I'm downloading the full version now... damn, it takes so long to download!
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    what do u think Roxas will do

    He's going to fuse into Sora and make him whole.
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    As long as Riku doesn't die! I nearly fainted when I read they thought he would. I guess we haven't seen the sad part yet though... I'm loading the full version now.
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    Since we have this new forum

    I'm pretty sure. It would make sense to warn people when your already on a spoiler board. But I could be wrong....
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    KH2 Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: KH2 FULL ending Thanks So Much!!!!!!!!!!
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    Square-Enix returned my e-mail!!!

    We already know it's going to be released in March. But it's cool they replied back to you.
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    Oh crap! I thought he was going to die and I was crying all through the ending trailer just to find out he didn't die! LOL. I was so happy!:D
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    Couple of pics of the credits/including Diz unhooded (MAJOR SPOILER PICS)

    You could never see DiZ's skin before... so how would you know what his skin looks like? Although he always seemed to have a dark colored mouth.
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    Opening Movie Question.....**SPOILER**

    What question do you have about it?
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    No, Riku never liked Namine endless it goes some other way in KH2. But I highly doubt it. And with Namines fate it wouldn't work out anyway.
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    Couple of pics of the credits/including Diz unhooded (MAJOR SPOILER PICS)

    Thanks.:) Two of those pictures were already posted though.
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    I think he was hiding his eyes in fear of what we would say if we knew they oddly turned green! Riku: I'm not the Riku Replica! I'm not!
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    SPOILERS- Riku?

    Riku is 16, and the reason he was blindfolded is so we could all discuss how hot he was.