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    release date?

    I looked on the game stop website, and it said that birth by sleep would be released on 12/31/10! is it true?
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    Theory about Ven

    really, why would they be the same person? i mean, it'd make much more sense (and it's probably correct) that he would be in the chamber of repose (awakening).
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    VERY unlikely Ienzo age explanation

    Well, think about when sora first became a nobody, roxas looked older than sora did at the time.
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    KH2 Final Mix

    I want it, but I need to get a PS2 and both together cost to much for me to buy.
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    Another theory of Roxas/Sora/Ventus

    i'm not too sure about the sibling relationship. It seems, too, outta place, ya know?
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    TGS 2009

    wow, I just now noticed that, how dumb am I?
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    Master Eraqus, Master Xehanort, and Vanitas

    Intesting, one of the more, unique theories.
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    Unversed Theory; Okay, thought/idea

    new... meh, I got nothin' else.
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    New HQ Screenshots!

    Yayz!!! Thankies so much!!
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    yeah, thats what I meant.
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    I think the most correct and NOT insane one i've heard is that it's used to transform the keyblade. Afterall, the one sora uses, the look doesn't have to be it's true form.
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    Ok, so I was looking at the new scan when I noticed that some parts of Terra, Aqua, And Ven's outfits have parts of their master's outfit on them. For example: Aqua: the shoes Ven:the chest plate Terra: The pant-thingies (I call them gauchos) Anything important in there? Close it if...
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    Yet another Ven theory...

    Meh, one of the BETTER ones that iv'e heard.
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    Gah! These theorys are getting more and more annoyong!
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    I think it's terra too. I mean, I didn't want to belive it at first at all, but it gradually sunk in. But hey, we won't know until Birth By Sleep comes out!
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    Anyone noticed this?

    huh, that pic is new to me. but I think, maybe keychains are just away to transform and seal the keyblades powers.
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    BBS Master..

    meh, i know that. ^^' (25 letters)
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    BBS Master..

    man, somebody on the forums earlier said that his friend had it on video, but now i'm not so sure.
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    BBS TAV world

    hmm, i think adding narnia is not such a bad idea!
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    BBS gameplay review - Kotaku

    thanks! (25 characters, so stupid!)