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  1. Dcasd1

    Will Namine and Xion be in kh3D,Why kh3D is taking so long

    in some shape or phone maybe, but i doubt they're have a major part.
  2. Dcasd1

    Do you believe sora should become a master?

    yeah sora's gotta lot of potential, u saw him in kh2 taking out a 1000 heartless by himself. and with the forms and stuff he's really powerful. we still has a lot of grower up to do but other than that he's a game.
  3. Dcasd1

    Sora vs. Aqua

    aqua definitely she is bad-ass, sora has potential if he has more practice though and "maturity"
  4. Dcasd1

    Call of Duty : Black Ops Beta starting tonight?

    Supposed screenshots purport to show a September 1 multiplayer beta start date for Treyarch's upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops. What will the official event happening tonight reveal? Leakerz.net has several screencaps showing Google ads and what seems to be a prematurely released front page for...
  5. Dcasd1

    awakening questions & answers

    i pickd friendship, being different, and being strong
  6. Dcasd1

    Keyblade Question

    i thought ven lost his heart when he defeated vanitas?
  7. Dcasd1

    Keyblade Question

    Hey guys i have a question. remember in the birth by sleep secret ending when aqua was in the realm of darkness. the darkside appeared and were about to kill her when ven and terra's keyblade came out of nowhere and destroyed them. how did that happen?
  8. Dcasd1

    why didn't sora and aqua run into eachother

    because aqua and ansem were on the opposite sides of the ocean
  9. Dcasd1

    I'm sure this has been done a million times, but...

    i think they should have left the reaction commands out of kh2 and just put in in bbs because sora was way to powerful after just watching up after a year.
  10. Dcasd1

    everything is born from sleep..

    i think what he means but "everything is born from sleep" is everything is born from darkness like the light was originally
  11. Dcasd1

    Would you like Kingdom hearts better....

    Hey guys just wondering would you guys like kingdom hearts better if sora, riku, and kairi weren't the main characters, there was no organization/ The main character of the story was Mickey mouse and all there were in the game was final fantasy and Disney characters.
  12. Dcasd1

    'Have you decided?'

    if u look at the bbs secret ending i don't think whats after that is kh3 but kh3d itself
  13. Dcasd1

    Why diid MX want KH

    no he did if terra didn't succumb to the darkness he was going to use aqua
  14. Dcasd1

    Why diid MX want KH

    i think thats alot of work he should have just absorbed its power and bring the heartless to do all that
  15. Dcasd1

    'Have you decided?'

    Re: have you decided? and how may i ask that u know that?
  16. Dcasd1

    Short summary on Nomura interview, new info on 3DS.

    thats a really cool theory
  17. Dcasd1

    'Have you decided?'

    Re: have you decided? well i don't know what nomura said but in the secret ending aqua found ansem a year after the events of kh2.
  18. Dcasd1

    'Have you decided?'

    Re: have you decided? IDK i think kingdom hearts 3ds happens after the birth by sleep ending because ansem talks about the data in sora to aqua 1 year after kh2
  19. Dcasd1

    'Have you decided?'

    Re: have you decided? i think allister's saying the birth by sleep secret ending made lead up to kingdom hearts 3ds as the next game? right?
  20. Dcasd1

    'Have you decided?'

    Re: have you decided? yeah i think after the secret ending in birth by sleep is kingdom hearts 3ds and after that maybe kingdom hearts 3