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  1. valorform24

    Favorite Scene?

    Those are my favorite parts as well. Terra was definately my favorite character in BBS.
  2. valorform24

    Birth By Sleep Capes

    The capes were amazing. You all should stop lying to yourselves.
  3. valorform24

    Help/Support ► So I'm Left with a Decision...

    He is 14 and in middle school though! I can understand being around this stuff in high school, I am, but it is not something I think he should be involved in at such a young age.
  4. valorform24

    Help/Support ► So I'm Left with a Decision...

    I'd say just move on. You are fourteen and do not need to be dragged into such behaviors, inadvertently or not. There will be more chances but I think that soon enough you'll be over the crush and you'll get another "opportunity".
  5. valorform24

    Help/Support ► For my sixteenth B-Day...

    Well the biggest reason I wanted a "big party" would be for the masquerade ball theme. But if I threw the mega bash do you think that people would keep to the theme? For those of you that don't know a masquerade is a Venetian style party where you wear masks like these:
  6. valorform24

    Help/Support ► For my sixteenth B-Day...

    So I'm turning 16 on September 24th, it's not that close but it's getting there and I have to start planning for what I want to do. What I really wanted was to throw a large "Sweet Sixteen" type party except I wanted it to be a masquerade with a DJ, nice decorations, and maybe my own rented area...
  7. valorform24

    When you first saw KH?

    My dad bought it for me and my brother for Christmas. I was young so I watched my brother play it, and eventually get bored with it. I decided to give it a try and BAM!
  8. valorform24

    I got an infraction =(

    Now that I have been shunned by this internet forum to which my life has been dedicated to for many years I will soon commit suicide in an ironic and disgusting way. Any suggestions?
  9. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Total Depression....

    It's good that you have your own beliefs, but this guy doesn't seem to want them. He does not need any beliefs forced onto him either. He needs to find things out for himself.
  10. valorform24

    Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

    A very popular PSP game that began in 07. Does anybody have this game or play online? I am frequently on since I have no PS3 =[.
  11. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Total Depression....

    Agreed, your comments weren't the most helpful. Seraph. Anyways, I understand what you are going through. Everyone fears death because honestly, nobody knows what happens. Remember that you can always find something to hold onto, though, you may eventally find a belief system that works for...
  12. valorform24

    I kissed a darksided person.

  13. valorform24

    Party Monster

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV7MND4r0mY Set in the New York club scene of the late 1980's thru the 1990's, a tale which chronicles the rise and fall of club-kid promoter Michael Alig, a party organizer, whose extravagant life was sent spiralling downward when he boasted on television that...
  14. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Police Department

    You may have a chance if you just talk to them. I really do hope that you are able to if you are determined to become a cop, though. =]
  15. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Police Department

    I looked on policerecruitment.gov and it said that if you have been convicted or cautioned on the following offences then you will be denied: 10. Applications should be rejected if an applicant has been convicted or cautioned for an offence such as: • Treason; • Murder; • Manslaughter/culpable...
  16. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Police Department

    You were charged with a felony? Honestly, you probably screwed your chances of becoming a cop.
  17. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Google Chrome

    Cool. Thank you everyone for the information.
  18. valorform24

    Help/Support ► Google Chrome

    I just downloaded this search engine and I do like it but are there any of you that can give any tips on how to get the best out of it? I'm running it on xp if that has anything to do with it. Thanks!
  19. valorform24

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep possibly going cellular......

    Yes, exactly what i was sayin =P.
  20. valorform24

    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep possibly going cellular......

    I'd say most likely not going to happen for BBS but you never know, there might be a KH game on it some day.