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    (BBS) vanitas is xehanort

    I agree in the theory except Xehanort appears 9-19 years ago.
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    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    It sound kinda of a let down wheres Data Kairi or Data Riku and what about a new trailier? Or even the part where King Mickey talk to Sora about a secret?
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    Maybe both 3 of them have their own diaries.
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    vanitus=xehanort speculation

    I believe that Vanitas is Xehanort who knows maybe wait for the game to come out.
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    Secret Boss

    Maybe a super boss in the future game.
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    BBS poster + dengeki PlayStation cover

    The second poster with Aqua it looks like she just blush or something.
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    Vanitus Heartless Ansem connection?! idk

    I think Vanitas=Xehanort is higly possible.
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    New Shonen Jump Scan

    Why is it that the TAV's amour form doesn't have a cape?
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    Its Namine maybe Aqua will go there in the game.
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    Aqua on Destiny Island?

    Its Namine also maybe she will visited Destiny Island.
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    Do you guys think Ventus and Aqua hook up like in Sora and Kairi? Maybe it will revealed in BBS.
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    How Ienzo messes things up.

    You kept saying Vanitas is too young to be Xehanort now look at Ienzo now.
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    How the heck MX caputred I mean he single handly defeat Terra, Ventus, and Aqua.
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    Vanitas is actually...

    Didn't you watch the TG9 trailier his voice is a man?
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    Then how do you explain what happen to Vanitas after? Beside it can be growth spurt or something. Do you even read the part about the mask? Nomura said in the end of BBS Vanitas identity is gonna revealed.
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    People kept saying Terra is Xehanort in KHI and KHII. Why does it have to be Terra. I mean Vanitas can easily be Xehanort from KHI and KHII. We don't even know whats behind his mask. He is also Master Xehanort's apprentice if he loose all his memory then probably the only thing he remember is...
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    Xion, Namine, Kairi, and possibe true Nobody

    Kairi saving Sora as Sora's Heartless Do you remeber Kairi save Sora's Heartless and restore him to his orginal form with a bright flash of light? That light was probably Kairi's Body and Soul transfering to Sora. Since Sora's missing body and soul that time was Roxas. So Sora probably been...
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    Riku's possible Nobody

    I was thinking since Sora's Nobody looks exactly like Ventus. So maybe if Riku ever turn into a Heartless maybe his Nobody will look exactly like Terra and have the anagram of Riku with X and let that be Riku's Nobody's name. I mean both Terra and Riku had a lot of things in common. Their...
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    Xion's possible future appearance

    I have a theory about Xion appearing in the future game. It start like this do you remember a scene when Kairi restore Heartless Sora to his original self. Which makes me thinks Kairi use some of her body and soul to Sora. Why do you think Sora can still have a body and move? If Sora becomes a...
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    Ven/Roxas Theory

    Do you know Final Mix Terra fought Sora? I was thinking Terra said he orginally chose Riku as the owner of Kingdom Key but Sora had it instead. In The Gathering Ventus pick up Way to Dawn Maybe he chose Sora as the owner of Way to Dawn but Riku had it instead. Maybe thats why Sora's Nobody Roxas...