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  1. NoBoDy HeRo777

    quick recap plox?

    hey this is kinda embarrasing but i havent checked up with khi in a while and like i have no idea whats going on with KH3/KH3DS and have no idea what recoded was about cuz i kinda got sick of the re used characters/maps. anyway could somebody just give tell me what KH3DS is vaguely about and if...
  2. NoBoDy HeRo777

    SSoHPKC is doing a KH walkthrough!!!

    just in case anyone is a fan of SSoHPKC, KH walkthroughs, or comedy in general; i just thought i would let u know that SSoHPKC is doing a walkthrough of kh w/ hilarious commentary. sooooo yeah. even if ur not interested just check out his youtube channel cuz he is just hilarious. he also does...
  3. NoBoDy HeRo777

    Characters in Re:Coded?

    i would like to see all of those plus the days people and master eraquas but im not sure about bbs characters cuz they're not in that story directly and ff characters werent in days multiplayer or bbs multiplayer so i just bolded the ones from ur list that seemed realistic
  4. NoBoDy HeRo777

    Nomura and team start preparing for TGS, namely a new Re:coded trailer.

  5. NoBoDy HeRo777

    kingdom hearts 3D on most anticipated list

    plus how many games were even showed at e3 for 3ds. i think there was 6. jk i dont know the number but i thought it was under six
  6. NoBoDy HeRo777

    Marcus PSP Trailer

    it's because marcus (aka "bobbe j thompson") is doing the psp comercials and kevin butler is doing ps3 and psmove commercials
  7. NoBoDy HeRo777

    do u think...

    is that better?? 2525252525
  8. NoBoDy HeRo777

    do u think...

    i think it's gonna be pretty challening because i'm sure mr. n realised the mistake he made in KH2
  9. NoBoDy HeRo777

    More VA or Speech Bubbles

    Good point there 2525252525
  10. NoBoDy HeRo777

    More VA or Speech Bubbles

    Thnx guys thats a relief 2525252525252525
  11. NoBoDy HeRo777

    More VA or Speech Bubbles

    just wondering for anyone who has play the jap version, is there more VA or is it mostly speech bubbles in the cutscenes in bbs
  12. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    ditto 252525252525255252222525
  13. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    haha but thats not necessarily a bad thing
  14. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    o. well i can still say that i beat him on proud mode.
  15. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    yeah i did the same thing just with the ultima weapon
  16. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    my guess is both 2525252525
  17. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    u guys r all gluttons for punishment or insanely good at kingdom hearts
  18. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    ill prolly do the first playthrough on standard and then proud. and about the friends thing like alot of my friends know that i play kh but they dont know and dont care what it is.
  19. NoBoDy HeRo777

    for anyone who has JAP bbs

    damn straight and this post is worth 25 characters
  20. NoBoDy HeRo777

    TVA's Scenario Lengths

    i dont remember any interview concerning what level ur supposed to finish the game at and maybe when nomura played it he didnt grind at all and just walked by alot of the enemies