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  1. Axel2178

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    Can't believe I got stuck on Demyx and gave up for about a year and a half I only completed KH2 in mid 2007 :/ I realised I was too short levelled to beat him. Beating Sephiroth was probably the best feeling in KH2.
  2. Axel2178

    Favorite Characters in KH2

    Axel and Roxas are my favorites in the whole KH series let-alone KH2.
  3. Axel2178

    Any FIFA players here?

    Yo everyone, we there any FIFA players here? I've been playing FIFA for a while and have loved it. I mostly play FIFA 13 on my ps3.
  4. Axel2178

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    I was going to my cousins house knowing that he had a new set of games I called him and asked which games they were, he briefly described a few games one being Kingdom Hearts 2. After that I left off to go to his house and when I got there I saw him playing Kingdom Hearts 2, I asked him if that...
  5. Axel2178

    News ► New Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Trailer and Screens!

    Sweeet, not 100% if I'll get this first day but I definitely will want it after I fully complete BBS and KH: Dream, Drop, Distance.
  6. Axel2178

    Your favorite world!

    I'd have to say Agrabah also though I didn't mind Tarzan's world.
  7. Axel2178

    Is each characters story different?

    Sounds so good! Can't wait to get started. Yeah I had a feeling but if it was just the same stories in each of the worlds for each character it just would have felt repetative.
  8. Axel2178

    Is each characters story different?

    That's awesome news! Yeah, Ven is my favorite too... but thanks to you guys I'll be playing Aqua's story straight after Terra's. Such quick responses haha I'm really starting to like it here
  9. Axel2178

    Is each characters story different?

    I've just finished playing through Ven's story but I was wondering if it's definitely worth playing Aqua's storyline too? I will get around to playing Terra's but what I'm asking is are all the characters stories within the worlds different? or is it just cutscenes that are different? Thanks
  10. Axel2178

    Can anyone make me a sig please?

    Hey all, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but can anyone please make me a sig and avatar with Axel and saying "Got it memorized" . Thanks
  11. Axel2178

    Hey everyone!

    Hi there :) Just thought i'd introduce myself. I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, having played all of the Kingdom Hearts games except Kingdom Hearts 3D. I do own all though. I've been on here a few times but never created an account, having moved here from KH3.net forums where I was a site editor...