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  1. CactusAce

    For those who have already have KH3D, what do you think so far?

    Re: For those who have already got DDD in Europe/Australia, what did you think so far? It's brilliant. The boss in Traverse Town (Riku's Story) was for some reason difficult for me, bu I evntually defeated it. The story so far has me interested and I like the idea of creating the Dream...
  2. CactusAce

    Code GEASS Roleplay?

    Just checking interest in a Code GEASS Roleplay? I have a small idea of what I intend on happening in it, but I'll work on it more if I know people are willing to join. So, is anyone willing to join a Code GEASS Roleplay?
  3. CactusAce

    Gamestop Promotional Stuff

    Mine just has a poster with available pre-orders and then a commercial that comes on. But that's all mine ever has in particular anyway.
  4. CactusAce

    Kingdom Hearts at SDCC 2012!

    Grid figures, woot! I'd love to see them coloured.
  5. CactusAce

    Kingdom Hearts at SDCC 2012!

    Re: New Kingdom Hearts Play Arts Featured at Comic Con! I'll have to get one of these when they come out, I don't own any Play Arts at the moment.
  6. CactusAce

    The Wizards of Darkwood

    Chapter I: Magick Alexander woke in the morning to an odd sight. At the end of his bed was a small, round and grey creature. 'Good morning Master!' It said in a high pitched voice, its large eyes staring directly in to Alexander's. Alexander was not shocked by this, he didn't even jump after...
  7. CactusAce

    Checking interest of a zombie roleplay

    I've noticed the roleplaying section here isn't running as well as people lead me to believe it used to be, and I am a good roleplayer, so I thought I'd make a contribution. So, this would be based in the real world (of course) and would involve all characters starting off in the same...
  8. CactusAce

    Nintendo eShop KH3D Demo Impressions

    I quite enjoyed the Demo. I would of liked to have Riku playable in the demo also, but it is just a demo. It took a little while for me to get used to the Free Flow system, but once I got the hang of it I just wasted a bit of time around Traverse Town before going to verse the boss, who I...
  9. CactusAce

    I haven't used GIMP in a while ._.

    I like the colour blue.
  10. CactusAce

    Dream Drop Distance Demo Out Now!

    In my opinion it was a pretty short demo.
  11. CactusAce

    Challenge to LightandDark

    Well, as you know Light, I am sort of good when it comes to Roleplaying, so it would be strange of me to not challenge you. So, here are the details: This is a Battle based as an RPG, you select from 3 classes to start with, then you will "Level Up" depending on how much damage you have dealt...
  12. CactusAce

    Hiyas! :D

    Hi! I'm new here, just joined a few mins ago, so I guess I need an introduction. Well, I'm obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and of course KH! I can roleplay, write okay stories and use GIMP in an okayish way. My favourite book series is Skulduggery Pleasant. And that's it pretty much/