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  1. yremissa


    Like... I thought you could level up keyblades??? But I don t know how :( Is it with Remy? Because I just started but Remy gives temporary better stats no?
  2. yremissa

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    His twitter dissapeared???
  3. yremissa

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Well you really think there are only 2 systems with 7 Disneys and Twilight town? You think that's it? I really believe there is a third system with graveyard and maybe 2 other worlds (Olivion? RG?) and Scala after that.
  4. yremissa

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    On his reddit page he showed 4 new worlds. Didn't Nomura say that they were working in 3 sections? The first system was the one with: Twilight Town, Olympus, Tangled, Toy Box The second one know consists of: Arandelle, Monstropolis, San F. and Caribbean I think there will be a third system...
  5. yremissa

    KH3 Leaks World list spoilers. Discussion thread. Add reveals of new worlds here.

    So that guy on Twitter who is posting gameplay just showed Toy box as being the 3rd world. 12h30 of gameplay when he pause it! Daaaaamn!
  6. yremissa

    Did you guys notice this in the trailer?

    So Riku's old keyblade is left behind in the realm of darkness. At the end of the Final Battle trailer we can see Repliku using the broken keyblade! :O
  7. yremissa

    Master Xehanort is a puppet, I don't know if I like this idea (PROOF)

    So everything happens in this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC9uTYkzJDY Master Xehanort says: 0:45 --> Out with the old and brittle VESSEL, and in with a younger, stronger new one. 0:57 --> I swore I would survive... and be there to see what awaited beyond the Keyblade War! So! in...
  8. yremissa

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Thanks!!!! That s what I mean!
  9. yremissa

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So I don t get it. The guy has an English version.... so the English version is done. So why do we have to wait 4 more days after Japan to get the game? Didn t they push back release to have a simultanious release date? I don t get it...
  10. yremissa

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Where is the leaked footage?
  11. yremissa


    Hey! I'm looking for a summary of the X saga. I've seen the Back Cover story, but the mobile games aren't my cup of tea. I tried it in the past... but there was no real story... you had to wait ages before something happened. So I stopped. I understand that it is an important story, but I'm...
  12. yremissa

    NEW TRAILER😍😍😍😍😍

    https://youtu.be/a-fmsw5m0Ag The graphics look soooo goood yooooh!!!
  13. yremissa

    Trailer for each world?

    Hello!!! After this amazing trailer I was wondering if you guys think they will release a trailer for each world. They showed of the Kingdom of Corona logo in the trailer and it felt as if they will do this for each world. There are 11-12 weeks left until release (whaaaaaaaat! So close!!!!!!)...
  14. yremissa

    Organisation XIII weapons and time travel

    Heeeeeey! I've always loved the organisation. Especially because the memebers were so different and had different weapons. My question is: now that they're no more a nobody (except Xemnas), can they all use a keyblade? Or will they keep their weapons of KH2 en Re:Chain of Memories? And then I...
  15. yremissa

    The Toy Box World

    So people had acces to 30% of Toy Box. At the start we can see the animation of the world name with a space ship. You think we'll be sucked by the space ship at pne tile and explore it? The world name animation often refers to what will be happening in that specific world.
  16. yremissa

    Shops and buildings in Kingdom hearts 3

    Hey! I was wondering. In the last video of thegamersjoint he noticed that there was a shop on the left side of the small sequence we received from Twilight Town in the last trailer (Damn long sentence). I was wondering if we now can enther shops and other buildings like Le Grand Bristol (also...
  17. yremissa

    Riku playable? Anyone from Belgium or Europe?

    Heeeeeey! That was an amazing trailer. Thank you Square Enix! It seems like Riku and the king are having their own journey... I think we can confirm that Riku will be playable. But how will it all work? You guys think that the Dark World will be one world where we start and finish the Riku...
  18. yremissa

    KH3 CGI INTRO and KH3 status

    Hey!!! Do you guys think we'll receive an extra long CGI intro? I personaly loooooove those and I hope to see every character in CGI. The 7 lights and 13 darknesses. But I don't want it to spoil the whole game. And do you think they'll release the intro before the release? Like 0.2??? Also, I...
  19. yremissa

    Paris Games Week

    Hey! Tomorrow is PGW! Sony has a conference at 17h (local time) and said they have big announcements to make. You think there's a chance KH will make an appearence?