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    key blades

    No thats not the same one. When he turns it into an energy ball, it has a diffrent blade the Roxas key blade.
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    Keyblades Have Hearts

    He didnt steal it. I had the same idea in my head as well. Besides it doesnt matter.
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    higher quilty?

    THat was very good quality. I could make out every thing alot better.
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    Question about the E.S

    I think Xehanort and the es are connected, because if u look at Xehanort(are who ever he is) when he is crushing Vens helmit, they both stare at each other, The old man with a murderous look on his face.
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    Xemnas the king of the knights

    I still think that armor is important. Its his connection to the others somehow.
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    Crossroads: Questions

    I think its more on the path your heart takes u.
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    Xemnas the king of the knights

    That could be true too. But their has to be a way to connect them.
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    Xemnas the king of the knights

    Did anyone notice in the final fights with Xemnas that he is wearing knights armor when he is sitting on the throne? This gives me prof enough to think of his connection with the knights was that he could have been their leader judging by the crown that he wears. Thats why the ES hates him so...
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    when did it happened.........?

    thats true, but i think thats because its a work in progress. The did the same thing for the first secret ending in KH1.
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    Now that i think about Sora kind of did it when he he fought Roxas. When he lost his keyblade, he summoned it back to his hands by focusing on his heart. Maybe if he focused a little harder he could have done the same thing.
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    look what i found!!

    Maybe a keychain gives the wielder the means to control the keyblade.
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    Keyblades Have Hearts

    That voice is not the tutorial . Its also at the end of KH1 when he about to fight Xehanort's heartless. Sora even stops and makes it clear he can hear the voice. That voice is not given a voice, so maybe it is the keyblade or something. Also when they run through the green fields at the end of...
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    Keyblades Have Hearts

    I agree with u on this one.
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    I wonder. Do u think Key blades could have hearts as well?
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    i was just a thought. dont want to post a thread over something little like that.
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    Shadowy figure in KH2 not the same as KH2FM

    I bet u Nomura just threw things in. The whole things going to change once he has a clear idea of wut hes doing. He said he just threw in Mickey just for kicks so that lets me know he still developing a story and ideas.It was just for the final mix's sake. Also to wut Xaldin said about the the...
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    Did anyone notice that the knight has the same look with his hair as Xehanort?
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    U.E.M's Keyblade [Secret Trailer]

    Good eye. Didnt se that at all
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    That makes good sense too. Xehanort could be a parasite of darkness. One of my friends thought he could be a ex solider sense he could use a key blade and thats why that one night hates him for betraying them. Did anyone notice that the ES has the same hair stly as Xemnas.
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    Xeharnort .... is the ES ...???

    I came up with the best thing ever. It could be the past. My thing is that Xehanort was powerful at one time ( the old man.) The dark soilder he summons is a stronger version of that shadow thing Xehanort's heartless summons when he fights. Now wut i believe is that the Egnamatic soilder at the...