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  1. Audo

    Fanfiction ► Casting a Fortune for the Future [KHML]

    At the end of his time in Scala ad Caelum, a weary Master Ephemer makes a desperate plea in the face of inevitable calamity. casting a fortune for the future. FOCUS: EPHEMER/PLAYER, THEORYFIC The waves of Scala ad Caelum crashed at Ephemer’s feet. A nightly breeze rustled through his white...
  2. Audo

    Kairi: The Thread

    Nomura has said in interviews about Melody of Memory that he doesn't think you can call Melody of Memory a proper Kairi game because she isn't the playable protagonist, so he's right there with you in believing that Kairi needs to be the protagonist for her to truly have her own game. In no way...
  3. Audo

    Kairi: The Thread

    I find the suggestion that Nomura hates Kairi to be a weird take in this particular moment in time. Before KH3, sure. But now? Like, no one forced Nomura to spend resources to make her playable. No one forced him to make her the narrator of MoM and thus need to write a bunch of new plot and make...
  4. Audo

    Nomura hinting at possible Nintendo game?

    i'd wait for a full proper translation from trusted sources before getting riled up, but from a little digging it sounds more like he's just reiterating what he said in past interviews about him having another game coming for switch soon (not necessarily a kh title).
  5. Audo

    Input Lag on PS4

    it's interesting because yesterday on the subreddit almost all the complaints about input lag i saw were about the switch version. personally i haven't experienced any input lag on either switch or ps4 so idk
  6. Audo

    KH3 Gameplay again.

    red box describes item cancelling by switching keyblades during the first half of the animation
  7. Audo

    KH3 Gameplay again.

    the funniest thing about this new secret tech is that it's actually described in the kh3 ultimania from over a year ago
  8. Audo

    Things You Never Do/Use In KH Games

    I've never played a KH game.
  9. Audo

    (SPOILERS) Union X: Darkness Makes a Move

    nomura makin the girls fight for his birthday
  10. Audo

    Kairi: The Thread

    I do think her sass isn't as strong in KH3 as in past titles, but it's not totally absent in the game. She teases Axel a few times in the game (and Riku in 0.2 which used to be a part of KH3). And it's a small moment but I also liked her talking back to Aqua and Ven in the Keyblade Graveyard...
  11. Audo

    Kairi: The Thread

    Also, while I think the manner in which Kairi is fridged is ehhh, I do think it should be pointed out that all of the Guardians died and needed to be saved by Sora, it's just that Kairi was literally the only character to survive the Demon Storm and didn't need to be saved from the Lich so her...
  12. Audo

    Kairi: The Thread

    Kairi is the character I am most invested in going forward. I want the world for her and I feel like the series is finally genuinely building her up to take on an important role. Aside from the fridging, I mostly really liked what they did with her in KH3. Her speech about Naminé was a highlight...
  13. Audo

    Should Nomura Have Telephoned Hayden?

    Alyson voiced Kairi in Re:CoM before she voiced Xion in Days, and she voiced both of them in Days, even on the DS. So they had the same voice actors from the beginning.
  14. Audo

    Should Nomura Have Telephoned Hayden?

    Personally I think a lot of the voice acting in KH3 is an improvement on past titles. Sora is honestly at his best here than he has in years and years, imo. And I think the voice director is stronger than people give him credit it for. FFVIIR was fantastic. I also recently started watching the...
  15. Audo

    Should Nomura Have Telephoned Hayden?

    kairi is kidnapped or almost kidnapped like 3 times in kh2 alone bro
  16. Audo

    How much involvement do you think TWEWY will have in future KH games?

    in the same interview where nomura pussyfoots around whether or not it's connected to TWEWY (leaning heavily to "not" and essentially downplaying any connection), the interviewer then asks if what we're seeing is the world of Verum Rex to which Nomura replies bluntly "yes, that's right". like...
  17. Audo

    News ► Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Releases November 13 2020

    These are terrible examples to pick as nearly everything here serves a necessary function to the story they were telling in KH3? This literally sets up one of the major themes of the game as well as Riku's arc. It happening early in the game is also key as it is directly paralleled to the arc...
  18. Audo

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory game announced, releasing worldwide in 2020

    speak for yourself, i'm feasting. ah, exhausting as ever, alexis.