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    I'm trying to make a parody to Will I Am's song "I got it from my momma" nevermind! i actually found an instrumental version of the song, all i need to do is download it. even though the only place i have found it is on youtube, but whatever.
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    I made a video!

    yupppers it's true! any advice or criticism on my video is greatly appreciated! YouTube - Kingdom Hearts - World, Hold On (Bob Sinclair)
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    I can't see the khinsider.com page

    I don't why this has been happening, but whenever I sign on to Khinsider.com it doesn't show up! It's been doing this to me for over a month! But when I went on one of the pages once it worked! Is there something wrong with my Firefox or something? because i know this has been happening to...
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    What happened to Dogenzaka and Xaldin?

    Dogen's says that he got banned (can someone explain that to me please?) and Xaldin hasn't been on in FOREVER! i'm used to seeing these everywhere on the forums. what happened to them?
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    so when's your summer vacation?

    summer vacation for me is only three more days (damn exams) and then freedom! and best of all, i'm going to be 16 this summer!
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    Help/Support ► Friends?

    lose weight get contacts JUST KIDDING! the only way you'll make friends is by talking to them. but if you don't feel very confident about yourself, then do something that will make you feel better about yourself. if you feel more confident about yourself, it'll be easier to talk to other...
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    Help/Support ► [Can't Think Of Decent Thread Title]

    long damn read next time i want the reader's digest version but anyways just ask her out you'll regret it if you don't
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    Help/Support ► Nice Guys Finish Last?

    I think Andrea is walking all over you man. I mean it's nice that you've met a girl whose actually into anime and beating the crap out of Virgil and all, but I think you should probably not talk to her at much. She seems like the type of girl that's a "friend with interest". i think you need...
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    Help/Support ► Love Life

    dude. chill. i'm gonna be 16 in a month and I've never had a boyfriend (which some of my friends find hard to believe, because they think i'm "one of the beautiful people") and i to feel a little lonely sometimes but a boyfriend or a girlfriend is more trouble than they're (occasionally)...
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    NOOB is a racist slur

    Stuffed - Offbeat News - UN report: 'Geek' now recognised as a race, Retard now a racist term. geek n00b and retard are now considered "Racist Slurs" by the UN look for yourself. . .
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    Sora's Official Height?

    if that were true then that would mean the cloud is like 6 feet tall (not including the hair) and that Riku would be about 6'5. I honestly think sora is only about 5'2, and he's actually shorter then Tifa who is 5'5 so my guess would be about 5'0-5'3.
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    Is youtube dying?

    I am a youtuber, and I hate to say it, but youtube is starting to become very lame. For one thing, they're deleting all their anime. And the music videos, if it wasn't for the members continuing to re-upload their videos I don't know how I would survive. I mean, believe me, I do like youtube...
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    look what i found!!

    maybe the keychains are missing because they're not real keyblades just saying, not theorizing or any crap like that.
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    The new trailor and Duality.

    The next game is rumored to be called "Kingdom Hearts X" http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/80189-kingdom-hearts-x.html that link has another link with something to IGN.com
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    Silent Scenes have JAPANEASE VOICE-ACTING!!! *Youtube Video for Proof*

    I wish I knew what they were saying......
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    Birth By Sleep

    The phrase itself "Birth by Sleep" is a very open statement. Someone once theorized that it meant the birth of the worlds again when the tiny bit of lights in the hearts of the children remade the worlds. or something along those line, but other than that it's a pretty open statement that Nomura...
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    Download to Secret Ending stopped!

    yikes, that really bites. have you tried reloading the page?
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    What world did that kid leave off yesterday? The last world I saw the kid on was like Beast's castle or something. then he was doing some tournuments, any explanation?
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    Kingdom Hearts X

    I don't know if anyone's posted this up yet but this is what i found on ign.com as a url from someone on a chatroom they told me about this just a few minutes ago IGN: Kingdom Hearts X on the page you'll see "Kingdom Hearts X" which i was told was the rumored new name of the third chapter in...
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    I'm pretty sure the same way you'd record the cutscenes off the tv