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    Not necessarily. Maybe thats how they all came to be able to weild a Keyblade, was from the absorbed powers of Ven, Terra, and Aqua. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it could make sense if viewed in the right light. It could also explain why Roxas, Sora's Nobody, would look like Ven.
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    link between riku and MX apprentice

    Well, lets examine that theory then: I think Xehanort was DS. Why? Because Riku, when controlled by Xehanort in KH1, wore a suit sorta kinda similar to DS. Maybe he held onto it? And the reason for the differences in appearance (the Heartless symbol) was because it was created by his Heartless...
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    Yet another Ven theory...

    Awesome theory. Now, heres another one: What if Braig, before becoming Ansem's apprentice, was MX? Not sure if that's been floating around already or not, but it would make sense, seeing as how, in the trailers, Xehanort was focusing on Ven more than the rest. Plus, Ven was the one Xigbar saw...
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    Completely Random Theory

    Wait hang on, sorry to change topic, but this thread wasnt going anywhere anyways. When does it say Riku was meant to be Keyblade master?
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    Why Ven looks strikingly like Roxas (minitheory)

    If he was a heartless, how could he have turned into one after releasing Kairi's heart in the 1st game? And we really dont know much about the Unversed right now, so that possibility's still valid.
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    Plot holes of Days?

    Well I wouldn't think of it so much as a plothole, I guess it just wasnt that important of an aspect of the story they were trying to tell.
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    Click here if you want Final Mix in North America

    I'm kinda new, so I don't know if this really affects this forum category, but I just wanted to promote a Facebook petition group I started. I figure, if we can get enough people wanting Final Mix in North America, then we just might convince Nomura to translate it for us like Re:COM. Here's the...