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    BBS Question

    he didnt say MX he ment sora
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    GREAT WAY TO LEVEL UP!.... do you think its cheatish!?

    i've heard this before it took me about 7 hours to get from lvl 43 to to lvl 99
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    I NEED HELP! please :)

    For first make sure you have some potions on you cause you might need them than just keep using the learn/ jump ablitity and when he does that wind move just try to run or jump away. I dont have much else to say
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    PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME!!!! plz :(

    Yeah you cant do anything about it sorry
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    Use Blizzard on Leon Use Reflega on Cloud when he attacks you When he doesnt use Final form to make some serious damage
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    tips needed

    http://http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZZYskxa-MAQ You could always look up the minigame on youtube I did that and it helped me with the route Also you should get glide up to lvl 2 or 3
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    kh: BBS lv. up growth theory

    I was lookin through the stuff and found the same thing check before you post or if this is someones elses give them credit for it.
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    Help completing the synthesis list...

    thanks but i'm really asking for like the actual items that you make I need to get all of them
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    Really quick answer on swap magic

    this helped alot I just need to find were to buy the swap magic
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    Help completing the synthesis list...

    Okay so i've been trying to complete the whole game like all missions, treasures etc. But when I look at the synthesist list my jaw hits the floor, how am I supposed to get all of those items and make them? so if you have a guide to complete the synthesist list than plz put the link down
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    You all probably know this but...

    haha courage rules. but yeah I've noticed for a while when I heard the sitar song lol
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    Is Ven or Aqua in trouble?

    ^^^^ good point there. He might as well as be asking her if she wants girlscout cookies. Tsk Tsk ppl always thinking negative ^_^
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    BBSChaser Theory

    instead of putting two comments just try to edit it next time
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    Does Riku have...?

    Well I was just really thinking about the name I picked for my account I just really picked it randomly and added my favorite number to it but to the point, shouldn't Riku have a Nobody? Because if I remember Ansem took control of his whole body and temporarily he didnt have his heart to...
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    I need help with my cell

    well my cell phone screen is scratched up bad! :o_O: and its somewhat new and I dont want it to look like crap so is there something I should buy or do to the screen to cover the scratches?
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    Your organization name...

    just use your own name or someone elses and just add an "X" to it Mine would be Xistujin :thumbsup: Pronounced za-stu-jan dont flame its just for fun
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    Which character would you want in your....

    idk if this is the right place but anyway What character that isnt able to be in your party would you like to have? it could be from KH1 or KH2 you can make up thier attacks and everything (PS this is not ment to be serious just for fun) SO.... I would want Gheppeto from KH1 . He would...
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    Master Xehanort

    does anyone have the trailer for BBS? or is it the secret ending in KH2FM reply back
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    Help with Riku...

    I need help with Riku the second time you face him. Its buggin me that I cant get past him and I cant get Oblivion :cursing: help? plz do the easiest way
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    Fanfiction ► Rebel Without a Flame

    great it was just awsome keep it up