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    A New KH2 Commercial!!!!!

    for those that haven't seen the trailer yet, see it, it's new. It contains stuff that we have already seen, but it is a new comercial.
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    Does anybody know where I can download the complete video of 'Passion' in wmv format. Its just this format works better for me. So if anyone knows leave a link. Thanx!!
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    ok never mind, thanx for giving the link to the page.
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    IGN Article

    Believe me i want to believe this info is true, but i have my doubts. Isn't there anything else that can prove otherwise?
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    No way its hallow bastion

    didn't read u're other posts, anyways, i think that is in fact HB (just make comparisons with the pic i just showed and u will see the similarities between the clip and the pic)
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    No way its hallow bastion

    As u can see HB is returning, and this pic proves it. Ok never mind what i said earlier, i just paused the video for a few minutes and it does look like HB to me. About the video that u just mentioned its the new and improved video that just appeared right?
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    Riku isn't the Blindfolded Unknown (Possibly)

    ppl research is the best way to get informed. Riku was the BFU in DD/ASAS, and in resent traslations it's been said that he's still the blindfolded... here's the info. http://www.kh2.co.uk/index.php?start_from=45&ucat=&archive=&subaction=&id=&
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    Fujin and Rajin?

    if u did u're research, i don't think it was necessary to answer to my previous post. And yes i can admit when i'm wrong, and if I offended u in any way, sry for that. I just assumed than since ppl where asking so many questions about the FF characters appearance, they might really want to know...
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    back cover of kh2!!!!!

    it's not the actual cover, as u can see there just promotional adds from Japan. It says so on the web site.
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    Fujin and Rajin?

    Well, even so u're not into ff, i think that some ppl should play the games...so they stop asking ovious questions, that some us already know.
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    Fujin and Rajin?

    if u're truely FF fans u should 'all' play FF-7 through FF-9, also FF-X and FF-XII, but i don't recommend this. Once u played this games u will get alittle bit of understanding of the characters, and why some of us think that their looks in Kh1, and Kh2 are not fit for some of this charecters...
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    for made up element games, they seem pretty accurate. If only u could gives the exact site, where u got the info, to see if it's reliable info...
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    scan detail.

    Exactly what i meant, pointing out that traverse town may be back. Good point on the next destination theory. I remember reading an interview that says that Leon will be traveling to other worlds. I don't know if this part is reffered to me. I never said it was or could be a FF world. And i...
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    Kingdom hearts stopping at KH2?

    Well ppl, it goes through one ear and comes out through the other. Huh!, well read the interview again. _________________________________________________________________ "Dengeki: Finally, how is the future of the Kingdom Hearts series shaping up? Nomura: At the moment the KHII story has been...
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    scan detail.

    doubtful, if u look at the translation, u're will notice that leon mentions 'this little town' which seems to point out that traverse town may be back. i don't point this as a confirmation, but it seems likely, since pretty much every world seems to be coming back. http://www.sorasdomain.net/
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    scan detail.

    i don't mean to contradict u but it looks more like the control panel of the city of Esthar, where u shop for items. The control panel looks nothing like that.
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    back cover of kh2!!!!!

    I think that that's infact the back cover of the game. If u look carefully u will see the word 'Passion' on the bottom right corner. In older news it was mention that the single 'Passion' was going to be included in the game...so maybe the cover is original.
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    Known Worlds, Characters, Drives, and Order members

    not to mention that he also appears, in Jump Festa trailer, getting out of the train, in TT.
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    Monsters Inc is a confirmed world

    ppl read the post again. it was confirmed that pic was fake.
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    who knows?

    not every world. TT, i think won't have Real-Time. And yes it has been confirmed.