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  1. Informal Gluttony

    Help/Support ► Tips for depression

    Personally, I bleed out the feeling (not literally, mind you, but figuratively) and just listen to sad songs and write until late into the night.
  2. Informal Gluttony

    Modest Mouse

    I know there used to be a thread, but it isn't showing up in search. So I made this one. Yeah, there's pretty much my favorite band. Seeing them live in less than 12 hours, and I am immensely excited.
  3. Informal Gluttony

    My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. *MUSIC VIDEO IS NOW OFFICIALLY OUT*

    Re: My friend rapped over a Kingdom Hearts II sample. I don't like any rapper with "lil" in there name. There is pretty terrible.
  4. Informal Gluttony

    Cap'n Jazz

    alright, i feel very compelled to make this thread. short lived but highly influential, Cap'n Jazz is the essential emo band. ipsjDHYu3jA ULTji5N2baU 83BRULUXqlI nBlSDRJ3Qik
  5. Informal Gluttony

    BBS Soundtrack?

    in0h71WceI4 This should be KH's theme song. Hell, just have Between the Buried and Me do the entire soundtrack. Their instrumental stuff is great.
  6. Informal Gluttony

    Graphics getting better?

    Re: Graphics...getting..Better!?!?!?!? I disagree. I've seen a few videos of BBS and honestly, KH2 looked better. The character models look pretty nice, but the environments just don't look that great.
  7. Informal Gluttony


    Hey, it's a pretty cool place to discover random bands. The fact that it's free to download is awesome. I've found quite a few bands that I really like. Also it's legal. I'd recommend: Out of It by Brad Sucks Thread Soul by Revolution Void The Dreamer's Paradox by JT Bruce Human Reconstruction...
  8. Informal Gluttony

    CoM vs. Re:CoM

    This really sums up my opinion.
  9. Informal Gluttony

    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Why was a small town sponsoring public beatings?
  10. Informal Gluttony

    Sephorith in BBS

    http://forums.khinsider.com/future-kingdom-hearts/117581-official-final-fantasy-kh-thread.html And no, I don't want Sephiroth in BBS.
  11. Informal Gluttony

    Download only?

    The only games I've downloaded on my PSP through the PSN store are the 'PSN Classics'. If I can buy a game on UMD, I probably would. PSN is useful for games like FFVII, Echochrome, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman, etc.
  12. Informal Gluttony

    Download only?

  13. Informal Gluttony

    Download only?

    PSN cards. I'd be fine if you could download BBS. I'd still buy it on UMD, but the download option would be nice.
  14. Informal Gluttony

    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    I'm more excited about Mickey's part in the upcoming game.
  15. Informal Gluttony

    Hopes In Birth By Sleep?

    It's KH... ON PSP!!!! That's enough for me.
  16. Informal Gluttony

    KH2 Final Mix Ending Problem

    lol Why don't you check the rest of the internet for a solution?
  17. Informal Gluttony

    Fears about Birth by Sleep

    I'm buying it even if it sucks. Mostly because it's KH... On a PSP. Portable KH. Sure, there was CoM, but I never really play my GBA anymore... And I don't have a DS. Days doesn't look that great, anyway. That leaves BBS.
  18. Informal Gluttony

    CoM vs. Re:CoM

    Yeah, I agree with CoM being better than Re:CoM.
  19. Informal Gluttony

    Traverse Town Tabloids #1: Is Nintendo banking on the Success of Kingdom Hearts?

    I'd be fine with KH on wii, although a classic controller option would make me happy. I'm sure it would work out alright either way, though.