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  1. FunkMonkey

    My KH-Inspired FanManga - "ADVENTURER"

    Hey Everyone! I've got a Fanmanga that I started working on a few years back. I drew a few chapters at first(A few of which have been posted here) but the art was really crappy compared to what I can do now, so I've redrawn it from the bottom up, starting with chapter one! I'm currently working...
  2. FunkMonkey

    The first time you fight riku

    Nopes, but I didn't have a strategy the first time. ;p
  3. FunkMonkey

    Wii Mii look-alikes!

    Anyone here ever made a mii that looks like an TV/Movie/Video game Icon? Post pics and/or Tutorials for them here! I have a Michael Jackson one I'll post up soon! (Thanks to Gamergirl for the idea!:thumbsup:)
  4. FunkMonkey

    Omg Superbook!!

    I loved this show when I was little! I've finally found some original Japanese footage! Ending: YouTube - Superbook Anime Japanese End Credits Its hard to find Japanese footage of this anime, so if anyone can find some, post it up! Also, there is a rumor about a new Superbook series in...
  5. FunkMonkey

    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2

    The game was released 6/13 for the PS2. Its pretty good. More characters than the first, and you can mix and match some character's moves.(For example, My custom Naruto knows Chidori.) It's pretty good. There are minigames, and The new storymode is better than before. And Rasengan sounds awesome...
  6. FunkMonkey

    Magic Swap Question(s)

    I've been contemplating whether or not to get "Magic Swap". I really want to play Import games, but I've heard that after a while, Magic Swap stops working. Is this true? Also, how does Magic Swap work? Are there any other alternatives to buying Magic Swap(besides a Jpn PS2) and how much do they...
  7. FunkMonkey

    HAHA! FunkMonkey is here to rule all!!!!

    Yes! I am FunkMonkey! I am the one who is a fan of Kingdom Hearts, I am one who soiled himself upon watching the KH2:FM+ Secret Ending, and I am the one who is incredibly awesome!!!! Let's see, I'm a KH fan. I'm a anime Fan. I'm a DB/DBZ/DBGT fanatic. I'm a big Naruto fan who watches weekly and...