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    What is a Heart?

    Oh hey, you brought me back into the positives after I was de-repped for calling Cloud and Sephiroth overrated! That's a good explanation. I know things are often missed or misunderstood with English translation, which often implies contradiction. But, this still raises some questions for me...
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    (Plot hole?) Sora should have his own nobody.

    Hmm, good logic. Maybe Ven's heart fused with Sora's to be "whole?" After all, we know that his heart was fractured by MX. Or...isn't Ven's heart "connected" to Sora, and not just resting within him? From my understanding, that's why Ven remains asleep, and it's what had to be done to ensure...
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    What is a Heart?

    I guess I'm just confused as to what a heart gives. We all knew it gave emotion, and with emotion comes darkness, lightness, good, evil, etc. It gives everything somebody NEEDS to truly be alive. With only a body and soul, you just...exist. It's their entire essence, but until BBS, it never...
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    What is a Heart?

    This is something I'm kind of confused on, because it seems the series can't decide what exactly a heart does. My biggest question is this: Does a heart equal consciousness? We all know that Xehanort came to be after MX transferred his heart into Terra. From what it appears, MX had effectively...
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    What combos do you like to use?

    Hmm, I've never thought too much about it. I usually do ridiculously long combo strings. If there's a group I just do my thing until explosion, and if I'm pounding on a single enemy, I like to hit him a million times on the ground, hit triangle, fling him in the air, hit him a million more times...
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    what's up with that?!

    Actually, according to the Secret Reports, Axel sees Xion as Namine.
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    Terra's revelation of Riku's future

    Ha, this has been discussed too many times to count. It's more or less been confirmed that the Silver Haired Man (The one we see before Riku) is Master Xehanort at a young age. I'm not sure how that connects to Riku, but that's who the guy is.
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    Holding the Keyblade

    Eh, I don't have a problem with it. I honestly don't understand the massive amounts of Kairi hate. I don't love her, but I don't see any reason to dislike her. Honestly, the idea of a game where you have Riku and Kairi wielding at your side instead of the idiotic Donald and Goofy is awesome to...
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    Holding the Keyblade

    Way I see it, there's a difference in being able to wield a keyblade, and being a Keyblade Wielder; Wielder being a proper noun in this case. I think proper Keyblade Wielders are the ones who can summon the keyblade, have the powers associated with it, etc. However, I don't think we can rule out...
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    So, will it appear in the Future?

    I think it was a plot device used to imply the origins of the Kingdom Key. >_> I mean, come on, why else would it be comprised of two Kingdom Keys, which happen to exist prominently in the KH-verse? Couldn't he have resorted to a less ridiculous looking blade if he didn't want to tie the KK into...
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    A different soundtrack this time around

    I have yet to listen to most of the OST, but I'm loving what I've heard. "Fragments of Sorrow" (if that's the official title) is by far my favorite so far. A mix between Fragments of Sorrow, Destati, and Fate of the Unknown? Hell yeah.
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    Oh Hi Secret Boss...did you get no damaged?

    Wow, impressive. It looks like it's all about that one move. It's like she just layed landmines the entire match for him to step on. Nice.
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    {Spoiler} Roxas?

    Well, first off, that would've been when Sora is asleep, so Sora wasn't in Castle Oblivion, he was in the Old Mansion in Twilight Town. It took me a long time to finally drill that into my mind, since any kind of shiny white room in Kingdom Hearts screams Castle Oblivion. So, yes. I would say...
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    (Spoiler) Braig

    You guys really think this is graphic? It doesn't even show anything. His face gets hit with a dark blast, and you don't even see anything happen to his eye, because he immediately covers it. For maybe a split second, you can see a black gash on his face, and that's it. I mean, come on. There's...
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? This. I, for one, am all for the theory that almost ten years did pass before they became Nobodies. It simply is the ONLY explanation for their age difference, unless the "Nobodies can't age" thing was retconned. Regardless of what Nomura has said, I think...
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? And that's one thing I love, because I couldn't give a damn about Xehanort when playing through KH2. He just seemed like a cop-out explanation for the existence of two cooler villains, and he looked pretty retarded to boot. When I saw and assumed that Terra...
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? I think it can be assumed the Org members will find their retribution. Although, again, I feel like we might only be seeing the more "important" members, ie, the original six + Lea/Isa if they are to return. Fantasy08: I DO agree with everything you said...
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? Eh, one can only guess. Even if he DOES turn into cold-blooded Zexion, a little orphaned nine year old (give or take) boy can only be so bad. I imagine he was very innocent, albeit extremely intelligent at one point, and whatever the hell events that...
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    (Spoilers) Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa?

    Re: Who feels sorry for Lea and Isa? I agree. It's tragic, and it's one of the things that I think adds so much depth and intrigue to these characters. Not only Lea and Isa, but all of the Organization members. However, that's not to say all of them were these great people before they became...
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    Vanitas Unmasked (Obvious spoiler here, folks)

    When I found out Vanitas' true identity, I became really intrigued with him as a character (even moreso than before), and decided to draw this. It's a far cry from my usual style, which is usually very hard, rough, and sketchy. What I'm going for here is a replication of Nomura's style, so all...