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    BBSV2 is closer than we think...

    I just wish that they would finish versus already....then finally stop releasing all of these side games. Not that I don't like them.
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    Did anyone Import Re:Coded??

    I am hoping that soon a translation guide will come out. That would be lovely.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Official North American Site

    Yeah I caught that...haven't been here in a while.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Official North American Site

    The official North American site is now up with a release date of 1/11/11 for the territory. KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded | SQUARE ENIX
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    Some help.

    This is the greatest idea ever.
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    MF most difficult boss in the series

    Don't forget the time he rewinds time and heals himself and attacks you.
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    What would you rate BBS?

    I think I would give it a: 44.2/50 Story: 9.0 Gameplay: 9.2 Graphics: 9.5 Sound/Music: 9.5 Replay Value: 7.0 My Pros/Cons: + Best battle system in the series + Great Storyline + Voice actors are amazing + Gameplay is smooth with data install - Loading Times (of course) - Environments feel too...
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    DO you think BBS is the best KH game yet?

    I love the battle system in this game. The battles are very fast-paced and keep you on your toes. I loved the way the stories flowed. they were very smooth which would usually be tough to do with three scenarios. There is so much you can do due to the leveling up of characters and commands...
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    Beat Terra. Almost done with Ven's Story. All in two days...( plus playing until from 10 until 3 AM one night)
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    Got my Guide!!!!

    Mine won't ship until tomorrow. Stupid amazon.
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    Da Game Plan

    I might be pushing my game getting day to September 12th....sucks....:/
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    guide book

    I did. I am most likely canceling my order.
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    BBS Strategy Guide Now Available

    I pre-ordered it on Amazon. Released today... apparently it only ships in 1 to 4 months!?!
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    BBS Preperation!!

    Anyway, I am going to dust off my old 1000, charge it, data install after I get home from school, do my homework, read the manual, and then play it around dinner time that evening.
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    Birth By Sleep on PSPgo the answer revealed!

    Thanks for this info. I can now go ahead and order the game at Gamestop. Thanks once again.
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    How long will it take

    This is what I have heard: Each Character has a 8-15 hour story. (Depends on what you do.) The whole game will take 30-45+ hours. (Again, Depends on what you do.) You can easily put 50 or more hours into the game. This is the longest in the series.
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    BBS Strategy guide

    Same Here. I have the guide on pre-order at amazon. Should ship Friday for me.
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    Hands-On: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

    You guys are welcome. 25 Characters
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    Hands-On: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

    The Sixth Axis takes a hands-on look at Kingdom Hearts BBS: Hands On: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep TheSixthAxis.com
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    Simple question

    You just made this game a whole lot of fun...